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How to Find Driving Records in Delaware?

A driving record provides the complete history of a driver. It is useful to find out if you have any fines pending in your name or track suspensions of a license, if any. For those recruiting a driver, it is very important to track the driver’s driving history. This will help to find out if the driver has committed any accident or offense or if he has a suspended license.

What Information can you Find in Driving Records?

Driving Records contain the complete history of the driver. A driving record would contain all details about the driver and the license related details. This includes details of the status of the license, whether any offenses committed, or any convictions. Details of fines paid and pending are listed in the driving record. Details of accidents committed, license suspensions or revocations are all available in the driving record.

Delaware Driving Records
Getting Driving Records Online

https://dmv.de.gov/OnlineServices/index.shtml is the website of the Motor Vehicles Department, Delaware from where the driving record can be ordered online. You need to sign up to access the website and then log in to use the online services. The personal information release form has to be filled online with all the details of the driver. The consent of the driver is important and it should be provided by verification of driver details. Once the form is submitted, the fee can be paid online and the driving record is available for instant download.

 Getting Driving Records Offline

If for any reason, you don’t want to use the online services of the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles, you can still get the driving history record offline. The following is the procedure to get the same.

1) You need to first download the Personal information release form. https://dmv.de.gov/forms/other_forms/pdfs/personal_rel_form.pdf is the link from which it can be downloaded.

2) The form needs to be filled with the details of the driver and the requester. It is very important, as per Delaware laws to get the consent of the individual whose details are being sought. The consent must be provided in the release form with the person’s signature. The signature must be notarized.

3) It must be noted that personal information is released only is the consent of the driver is obtained. The driving history record can be provided without consent in certain cases. This includes for government agencies, for businesses for its employees and contractors, for any court-related issue or for compliance to a court order, for an investigation by a licensed investigator, and for an insurer. Details of the same need to be provided.

4) When a company is requesting the driving history record, they must enclose a letter on their company letterhead with the details of the organization and the individual whose driving record is sought.

Driving Records Delaware

5) The fee to be paid for obtaining a driving record is $25. A 3-year record would be provided on payment of this fee. The fee should be paid by check or money order payable to DMV.

6) The release form, letterhead (for businesses making the request), the fee, and a self-addressed stamped envelope must be sent by mail to the following address:

Division of Motor Vehicles

Attn: Driver License Administration

P O Box 698

Dover, DE 19903

7) In case the record is required urgently, then the form and fee can be sent by FedEx or UPS to the following address, for expedited processing:

Division of Motor Vehicles

303 Transportation Circle

Dover, DE 19901

8) In case of any questions related to the driving record, one can call (302) 744 2506.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 2, 2020
Sensitive Information!