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How to Get Your DMV Record in Hawaii

DMV records are important records for every driver in the United States as they affect several different aspects of the driver’s life. Moreover, it is a way in which the state can control the kind of people that are driving on their roads and monitor the driving behavior of its citizens.

Types of driving records in Hawaii and what they entail

In Hawaii, DMV Record Search is specifically of three different types. These include certified traffic abstract, traffic court report and driver history record. Depending on the documents requested by the courts or your employer, you may be required to furnish either one or all of the aforementioned documents.

 Your driving records contain relevant information on many different topics, including your date of birth, name, address, the status of driving license, accidents, violations, past revocations or license suspensions or missed court appointments.

If you have requested a Hawaii DMV Driving Record Search, requesting traffic abstracts, you need to know that these documents are less detailed as compared to a proper driver history record. However, the abstracts do contain a snapshot relating to your driving history, whereby relevant information about any kind of allegations for moving violations, convicted moving violations and revocation of license is adequately mentioned.

Hawaii Driving Records
Employers and insurance providers would request a simple traffic abstract from you as this document has more than enough information that they might require regarding you as a driver.

Traffic court reports, commonly known as complete traffic abstracts are records that contain every information that is part of a normal traffic abstract. However, the additional information that is part of such comprehensive reports includes any kind of parking citation that you might have.


Order driving records in Hawaii

For DMV Record Search Hawaii, you as a driver can choose two distinct options. You can either choose to appear in person or choose to receive the official copy of your State DMV Record Search via mail. You can, however, download the requisite forms that you need to fill up to file such a request.

In the case that you do not need an official copy of your driving record, you can approach a third-party agency and request a copy online.

If you have chosen the option of appearing in person to receive your official copy of the driving record, you need to visit any of district courts in Hawaii and place a formal Hawaii DMV Record Search request after filling up the Form 2067 with the relevant information.

You can either pre-download this form as already mentioned above or obtain the same at the courthouse. You might be required to provide a valid identification while visiting the court, which may either include your state-sponsored ID, license or passport. The charges for filing the request are $9.

Public Records Hawaii
If you have chosen the option of receiving your official copy of DMV records via mail, you would need to download the Form 2067 and fill it up with relevant information and get the same notarized before proceeding to mail it.

It is advised that you put the form inside a legal-size envelope that has been self-addressed and contains the cashier’s check or money order for the fee of $9 inside it along with the form. You can send this envelope to any of the district courts in
Hawaii and the records would be mailed back to you within a tentative span of ten days.

The rules concerning Hawaii DMV Public Records Search for traffic abstracts are exactly the same as filing a request for a driving record, however, the fee for a traffic abstract record is slightly higher than that of a driving record. The fee is $20. If you need to procure a court abstract for yourself, the charges are $1 for the very first page and consecutive pages cost $0.50 each.

Another thing to remember is that court abstracts cannot be obtained via the mail and requires you to appear in person for receiving the same. Moreover, you can only request the court abstract that pertains to you. For another driver, you can only request a traffic abstract, upon payment of the fees that have been mentioned above.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 12, 2021
Sensitive Information!