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How to Find Driving Records in Kansas?

A driving record is a repository of information. It contains details of full name, address, vehicle registration info. In addition to all the basic info, it contains a historical record of driving violations, accidents if any, and driving habits.

It should be in one’s own interest to check and ensure that his/ her own driving record is clean and clear of all fines and penalties at any given point of time. There is a greater need for any agency or institution to inquire and conduct background checks into individual driving records before entering into any contract.

Kansas is one of those few states to offer three different types of driving records:

  • Online limited
  • Non-certified motor vehicle record
  • Certified motor vehicle record

Online Limited:

This type of driving record is available as an online version of the Kansas Department of Revenue Driver Solutions (DOR). It has a limited view of an online driving record.

How to Find Driving Records in Kansas

Non-certified motor vehicle record

This driving record is more detailed and comprehensive except that it’s not certified. However, it holds good for personal purposes and can be made available on request by authorized third parties.

Certified motor vehicle record

This is similar to a non-certified motor vehicle record. The only difference is that it’s available as a certified copy. This record can be requested for whatever purpose e.g., it can be had for making a court appearance or for insurance purposes.


A Kansas driving record is useful for various purposes. It can be used by a law court, as a pre-employment background check, in insurance-related matters, on certain issues pertaining to property and bank loans, etc These are the most common scenarios where inquiry for driving records is felt the most. It’s the given norm amongst Insurance companies to make a preliminary assessment into health and driving record and then conclude on an insurance premium quote.

How to Obtain Kansas Driving Records?

There are three different ways to access a driving record viz., in person, online, or by mail.

The Driver Control Bureau is the official agency of the Department of Revenue (DOR) that oversees all aspects of driving records. It offers access to a limited version of driver records; non-certified vehicle records; and, certified vehicle records.

One can either choose to wait in a queue at a local DMV location. At the location, one can access either a certified or a non-certified motor vehicle record.

To obtain a copy of a driving record (in person)- then a Request Form needs to be filled and submitted to the local DMV location. The form needs to be filled up and posted to the following address:

Kansas Department of Revenue

Driver Control Bureau

P.O. Box 12021

Topeka, KS 66612-2021

It’s possible to access and obtain an online copy of the vehicle record, but it’s not a comprehensive record. It has limited details. Access to limited records may be done online.

Visit Kansas Motor Vehicle Records website=> https://www.kansas.gov/ssrv-mvr-ltd/search/records?execution=e1s1

Driving Records Kansas

Getting Kansas Driving Records Offline

There are various payment options to cover the official fee cost to procure the motor vehicle record. The cost of the online fee is $8.70 and it can be paid as an e-check, or by credit card or debit card. It’s important to note that while requesting a copy of the motor vehicle record by postal mail- a check/ or money order must be made along with the filled out requisition form.

It’s the duty of every citizen to be aware of the law and the procedures to live within the framework of the law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Good governance is possible only if all citizens live as informed individuals.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on September 23, 2020
Sensitive Information!