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How to Find Bankruptcy Records in Maryland

Residents of Maryland can file for bankruptcy under chapters 7 and 13. Bankruptcy is a process by which a person who cannot pay his/her bills gets a fresh start. When a person files for bankruptcy they are effectively preventing a creditor from collecting debts from them. However, it is not a permanent stop. This stop is only till the law sorts out the debt details.


When a person files for bankruptcy it is stored in Maryland Bankruptcy Records. This happens even though bankruptcy is governed by federal laws. The advantage is that it gives individuals some breathing space. That means it gives them time to catch up with missed payments. When it comes to foreclosure of mortgages on houses and mobile homes the court does not cancel it completely. The individual still has to pay the mortgage.

Additional benefits of filing for Bankruptcy

There are additional benefits that come with filing for bankruptcy. Creditors cannot seize the applicant’s car or any other property. In case they have already seized the car or property, the creditor has to return them.

State Records Maryland

The creditor cannot engage in wage garnishing. They cannot harass the applicant about the loan until the court has dealt with the filed bankruptcy.

The applicant can challenge the creditor in case there is a fraud on the creditor’s part.

What all Bankruptcy Cannot Do

Bankruptcy cannot eliminate the secured creditor’s certain rights. It does not eliminate the debt. The applicant can only force the creditor to accept payment over a period. Also, the bankruptcy in Maryland does not cover things such as alimony, child support, as well as any debt that has incurred due to divorce. Also, the applicant will not be discharged from paying fines and taxes.

In case the applicant has asked a friend or family member to cosign the mortgage, they are still liable. The bankruptcy does not protect them from creditors. In case the applicant has been discharged from the loan, the creditor can still recover the debt from the cosigner.


Can an applicant file for bankruptcy by themselves?

Yes, an applicant can file for bankruptcy by themselves. This option is cheaper but the entire burden falls on the applicant. They will have to do the necessary research and fill the required forms. The cost of filing bankruptcy is 306 dollars for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and 281 dollars for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Unless one has the time and skill to complete the process, one should get it done by an attorney. The attorney would help to determine which chapter best suits you. The service would cost you money but the amount of work you have to do is less.

Public Records Maryland

Are Bankruptcy Records in Maryland open to view?

Maryland does allow its residents to search for public records. This includes all court records. That includes Bankruptcy Records Maryland. So, technically if any person has ever filed for bankruptcy their records are public and can be viewed by any resident of Maryland.

Who all can view Maryland Public Bankruptcy Records?

Maryland does not put restrictions on who can assess the public records. The only restriction that is put in place is that people who access the records should not use them for illegal activities. That includes stalking the person, harassing the person and using this information to blackmail them.

How does one view Maryland Bankruptcy Public Records?

Sites are there that can help individuals gain access to these records. These sites offer this service for a price. The duration and scope of access are decided by the price. One of the sites that people can use is pacer.gov/. This site can be accessed after registration. Once registration is over, people can search for bankruptcy records.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!