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How to Get Your DMV Record in Mississippi

Your long drive experience could turn into a nightmare if a police officer stops you for speeding up. It even becomes worse if the officer opens your driving record and finds out that you have violated several laws in the past. The behavior of the officer may intimidate you but in reality, he is doing nothing but his duty. All the states in America have enacted strict laws to curb traffic violation including the State of Mississippi.

Hence, you should make sure that your driving record has no blemish of violations by adopting periodic checks. Since driving records are public records in all the states barring a few conditions, Mississippi DMV public record search contains detail pertaining to your driving habits. Occasional checking of your driving record would not only help you in keeping your driving habit in check, but it also makes you aware of your driving license status.
DMV record search Mississippi provides all the details needed for you to claim insurance or fight any case regarding traffic violations. The State of Mississippi provides both certified and non-certified driving records. You can obtain either of them by following certain procedures and paying the required fee. The following are the ways to get DMV records in the State of Mississippi.

Mississippi DMV Record Search

How to Get DMV records in the State of Mississippi?

The State of Mississippi has taken several steps over the years to make the process of obtaining driving records a hassle-free event. A typical Mississippi DMV driving record search contains your name, address, birth date, suspensions, violations, arrests, etc. The following are the methods to obtain DMV records in the State of Mississippi.

1. Online – Like most of the states in America, the State of Mississippi has its own official website where you can get driving records instantly. The state only provides non-certified motor vehicle records on its website. You have to write a mail or visit the office of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety to get certified driving records. You need to provide details like name, date of birth and driver’s license number while applying for DMV records online. You will be charged $11 as processing fee and you need to pay using credit or debit card.
Official Link - https://www.ms.gov/dps/license_renewal/MVR

2. Mail – You can also order driving records via mail. You need to download the Consent to Release Record form if you are ordering your own driving record. If you are requesting someone else’s driving record, you need to download the Driver Records request form. Both forms are available on the official website. You should also provide a self-addressed and stamped envelope so that authorities can send a copy of the record back to you. A fee of $11 should be sent through a check or money order.
Mailing address
Mississippi Department of Public Safety
MVR-Driving Records
P.O. Box 958
Jackson, Mississippi 39205

 DMV Record Search Mississippi

3. Personal Visit – You can also personally visit the main office situated in Jackson to get DMV records. Visiting branch offices present in your city would also get you the records. You need to fill the required form depending on the type of record you are requesting. The processing fee is $11, which you can pay by cash, check, debit or credit card.

4. Third-Party – There are several third party websites online, which provide Mississippi driving records. Typing DMV record search Mississippi would open several websites online. You just have to check whether the website is authentic before applying for DMV records. The fee structure differs from one website to another depending upon the type of request you are making. You can also take the help of an authorized third-party vendor present in your city to doing the work on your behalf.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 2, 2021
Sensitive Information!