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How to Get Your DMV Record in New Hampshire

The driving record of any driver is an asset of information that is very important in various aspects of the driver’s life. It provides a detailed description of the behavior the driver conducts on the road while driving and thereby might be pertinent during certain employments.

It is also a way in which the state maintains proper driving environments within its jurisdiction and having a bad driving record can bar you from being able to drive by yourself on a road in the United States of America.

 New Hampshire is no stranger to such laws and insurance companies, government agencies, potential employers, attorneys, and law enforcement agencies might conduct a New Hampshire DMV Records Search to gain a fair insight into your driving history.

This article will provide you with adequate information about what your New Hampshire DMV Driving Record Search entails, who can gain access to such information and how you can gain access to such information by yourself.

New Hampshire Driving Records
What Information is Found in a DMV Record Search New Hampshire Report?

Driving records in New Hampshire provide all the vital information that pertains to your activities while driving a car. There are mainly two aspects of a driving record in the state of New Hampshire. These two aspects include your vehicle history and personal information.

Under the section of personal information, knowledge regarding your name, date of birth, any previous names, address, the date you completed your attitude programs and safe driver’s course, insurance filing and New Hampshire ID number can be found.

Under the section of vehicle history, you can find information on past convictions in court, demerit points, citations and traffic violations, revocation or suspension of license, and if applicable, information on your ignition-lock requirements. Any demerit point that you might have incurred is a part of your driving record in New Hampshire for three years.


Who has the right to conduct a State DMV Record Search on you

Apart from you, officials from law enforcement, government agencies, potential employers, attorneys, and insurance companies have the right to gain access to your DMV records in New Hampshire. For any other individual to gain access to such information in the state of New Hampshire, they would be required to get a request form signed by you that permits them to access your DMV records. If you are seeking DMV records in New Hampshire, you can select any of the three types of records that the state maintains.

The three types of DMV records maintained by the state of New Hampshire are the certified driver records, non-certified driver records, and insurance driver records. While the first one contains information on convictions, restorations, accidents, license revocations, license suspensions, the second one contains similar information as the first, but without the stamp of certification signifying its legal authenticity or your signature.

The third type of record, or the insurance driver record, holds information on accidents and traffic violations for the last three years, as well as, information on court convictions for the last five years.

Public Records New Hampshire
How to conduct your own New Hampshire DMV Public Record Search

Unlike other states in the United States, New Hampshire does not allow its citizens to gain access to DMV records online. To conduct your New Hampshire DMV Records Search, you have to either obtain it in person or request the same via mail. To get your DMV record through the mail you would need to fill up the Release of Motor Vehicles Form.

You also need to include a money order or check to amount to $15 and payable to the State of NH-DMV, along with the form in a legal-sized enveloped that has been self-addressed and stamped. The address that you need to send this envelope to is:

DMV-FR Driving Records,

NH Department of Safety

23 Hazen Drive

NH 03305, Concord

To obtain the records in person, the same firm that has been mentioned above needs to be filled up and brought along with you to the local DMV office in your New Hampshire locality. A payment, as well as, verification of your driving license needs to be completed to complete this request. Credit cards, debit cards, money orders, checks or cash can be used to complete the payment.

Inaccurate information in your DMV records can be a source of problem for you eventually, as it might result in greater premiums in insurance, higher fines and even revocation of your driving license. To correct any information in your New Hampshire DMV record, place a call to their DMV department at their number (603) 227-4040.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 27, 2021
Sensitive Information!