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How to Get Your DMV Record in North Dakota

Driving a vehicle is a skill that improves as you get hang of driving and start enjoying it. Driving is also a skill that sometimes compels you to seek thrill, which would eventually put your life in danger. You may sometimes have tried speeding up your car just because of the rush of blood or just to feel the cheap thrill. But your adventures get registered in your driving record and it eventually catches up with you.

The result is you end up paying a heavy fine or get sentenced to jail if the offense you committed is serious. North Dakota is a state where authorities keep a hawk-eye on habitual offenders who break traffic laws on a whim. So if you are traveling through the cities and towns of the State of North Dakota, checking your DMV record is a must.

Almost all the states in the USA have made driving records available for people since the records come under the public records act. North Dakota DMV public record search would certainly help you in getting driving records online or offline.


A typical North Dakota driving record consists of driver history including tickets, accidents, suspensions, and convictions. DMV record search North Dakota online would allow you to check all these fields online.

North Dakota Driving Records
Getting access to DMV records in North Dakota

You can get a DMV record in the State of North Dakota through more than one channel. The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NODOT) has made several arrangements so that accessing driving records becomes a hassle-free process for the citizens of the state and country. NODOT majorly provides two types of driving records – Online Driver Abstracts and Complete Driver Abstracts. The following are the ways to get DMV records in the State of North Dakota.

1. Online – NODOT has its own official website where you can order your driving record. You can only get a limited version of the driving record online. The NODOT provides a driving record through the Driver's License Record Request System. After opening the official website, you need to enter requestor information like name, date of birth, driver ID etc. Then verify the record you have selected and made the payment online using a valid debit or credit card. You can either just see the record or print it. You can’t reprint the record once you close the website. You will be charged $3 per record request.

Official Link - https://apps.nd.gov/dot/dlts/dlos/welcome.htm

2. Mail – The NODOT provides only a limited version of driving records via mail. You need to download the Request for Driver Abstract form from the official website and fill all the fields. You can make the payment of $3 by either check or money order. Mail the form with an enclosed check or money order to the following address.

Mailing Address

Drivers License Division

608 East Boulevard Avenue


ND 58505

Public Records   North Dakota

3. Fax – You can also order a limited driving record by fax. You just need to fill the Request for Driver Abstract form, make the payment of $3 through credit or debit card and enter the information like expiration date, CVV number and card number.Fax – (701) 328-2435

4. In-person –
You can only order DMV records in person by visiting the main branch of NODOT situated in Bismarck. NODOT doesn’t have the facility to provide DMV records in other branches. You just have to fill the required form to get a limited or complete DMV record and make the payment of $3 by cash, check or credit/debit card.

5. Third-Party -
If you type North Dakota DMV driving record search in your browser, you would be guided to several third party websites. You can log in to any one of the websites to get DMV records. You can also approach third party agencies or vendors present in your locality to order DMV records. All the websites and agencies charge the fee depending upon the type of DMV record you order.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 25, 2021
Sensitive Information!