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How to Get Your DMV Record in Oklahoma

Driving Records in Oklahoma:

An individual driving his motor vehicle needs to have a registered license with the department of motor vehicles. Issued under the motor vehicle act, any individual can obtain Oklahoma DMV Record Search via the Oklahoma DPS. All the registered users under the vehicle act can request their own Oklahoma DMV Driving Record Search through the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, abbreviated as DPS.


Oklahoma DMV Public Record Search contains all the information related to your driving activities and any history updated. It can be used by the following:

  • For the purpose of verification, it can be used by government officials and courts that require evidence.
  • To navigate insurance structures can be used by insurance companies
  • For overall statistical background check and research purposes
  • By the current organization’s employer to verify the potential candidate’s background and ensure pre-employment screenings
Oklahoma Driving Records

How do get your DMV Record in Oklahoma?

In the city of Oklahoma, all users can obtain their driving records or someone else’s driving record through mails, in person or online. A user can only request for another person’s Oklahoma DMV Records Search if their own request falls under the following categories listed below:

  • A federal law system, a state court or a local court which runs official business activities.
  • An attorney in connection with a current running case.
  • An insurance company that is inquiring claims or adjusting all premium requests.

All the State DMV Record Search can be obtained through the following ways: Online, in person or through mails. Let us understand them individually.

Through Online: All the users can obtain and request for their DMV Record Search Oklahoma online for $25 per request. The citizens whose age is above is 65 or above years, their record is not chargeable. All the certification required costs $3. The necessary online transactions happening may insist on a fee of $2.50.


Through Mails: If you are ordering for your Oklahoma DMV Driving Record Search, then you might need:

  • All the details filled in the form of Records Request and Consent to Release.
  • All the necessary payment procedures are completed and submitted.

Send your DMV Record Search Oklahoma form and payment to the following address below:



P.O BOX 11415


Through In-Person Request:

To get your Oklahoma DMV Public Record Search in-person, visit the DPS records management division which is situated at:




For obtaining a driving record, the individuals have to bring the DPS completed form and payment slip along with them.

Public Records Oklahoma

How much does an Oklahoma Driving Record cost for a user?

To obtain, an Oklahoma DMV Records Search, the following fee structure is implemented in Oklahoma. Look for whichever type you need and verify the payment.

  • For all the certified Driving Record: Costs $28.
  • For DMV Record Search Oklahoma, the non-certified driving records cost $25.
  • To obtain a certified collision report: $10
  • For all the online transactions: Fees is up to $2.50

What is the need to order an Oklahoma Driving Record?

Driving records ensure that all the history related to your driving activities is subsequently filled and updated. Thus, it does not compile as private information to many. Used by some government agencies to contact the user. Insurance companies request your driving record to match the insurance premiums.

Employers feel the need to run a background check and if the job you are positioned for requires frequent driving. Courts demand a State DMV Record Search for multiple reasons. Understanding your driving performance and noting the points earned is a good idea to implement. If there are no violations observed in the Oklahoma DMV Records Search, then the points can add up real fast.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!