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How to Get Your DMV Record in Oregon

The State of Oregon is known for its scenic beauty and sprawling landscape. You would be compelled to take more than one road trip to savor the beauty of the state. But if you are caught by traffic or highway patrol officers because of violation or other offense, your travel might turn into an embarrassment. On top of it, if your DMV record shows past violations for which you haven’t been fined or convicted, then you might have to pay a hefty fine or may spend some time in prison. The State of Oregon maintains zero tolerance for traffic violations.
Checking your driving record periodically would help you in keeping your driving habit in check. You can even point out errors committed by authorities in listing violations or tickets and inform the same to the concerned agencies. Ordering DMV records once in a while keeps you up to date regarding your behavior on the road which may turn out to be crucial while seeking a job, loan or insurance.

Driving records are public records in the state of Oregon so an Oregon DMV public record search would get you your driving record.
The State of Oregon provides more than one type of driving record. You should go through the official website of the Oregon State DMV to know more about types of driving records. A DMV record search Oregon online would also let you know more about it.

Oregon Driving Records

Getting DMV record in the State of Oregon

The State of Oregon has made several provisions for its citizens to obtain DMV records. Though it has its own official website, you can’t get a DMV record online in the State of Oregon. You should decide upon the type of record you need before ordering your DMV record. The following are the ways to obtain DMV records in the State of Oregon.

1. Personal Visit – The Driver and Motor Vehicle Services division comes under the Department of Transportation in the State of Oregon. Its main branch is situated in Salem. You can either visit the main branch or check whether your nearby branches provide driving records. You need to provide proof of identity, license number and fill the Order Your Own Record form to apply for driving records in person.

Since Oregon State provides different types of Driving records, the charges are different for each type. You can check the charges online or enquire about the office at the office. Cash, Check and money order are the mode of payment.

2. Mail – You can also order DMV records through the mail in the State of Oregon. You need to complete the Order Your Own Record form or you can make a written request mentioning the type of driving record you need along with the driver’s name, date of birth, address and driver’s license number. You can download the form from the website and check the fee structure on the official website. Payment can be made through check or money order.

Mailing address
Oregon DMV
Record Services
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem, OR 97314

Official Link - https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/Pages/index.aspx

Form Link - https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Forms/DMV/7266fill.pdf 

Public Records Oregon

3. Interactive Voice Response System – The Oregon State has a facility called Interactive Voice Response System through which you can order DMV records. All you need to do is dial the telephonic number and follow the instructions. You can also download the instruction form and read it thoroughly before making a call.

Contact Number – (503) 945-5300

Instruction Form - https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Forms/DMV/6733.pdf

4. Third-Party – You can also search for third party websites online or contact third party agencies in and around your locality to find out whether they provide DMV records. Oregon DMV record search would guide you to several websites online.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 25, 2021
Sensitive Information!