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How to Get Your DMV Record in South Carolina

It may be necessary to conduct South Carolina DMV Record Search on various occasions to ensure that all the information is correct. A driving record also includes the person’s personal information. Also, a person can minimize identity theft by checking his/her driving record. After all, identity theft has been increasing by leaps and bounds in several states. So, it makes sense to access your own driving record so that it can be guarded well.


Reasons for DMV Record Search South Carolina

People may have to conduct South Carolina DMV Record Search so that they can know what is there. The information in it, for instance, may have an impact on their rates of insurance. In case, a person is paying more insurance than he/she thinks should be paid must go for South Carolina DMV Records Search for errors, which may be leading him to pay higher premiums.

 South Carolina Driving Records
An employer could be also engaged in the South Carolina Public Record Search to ensure that their employees are responsible drivers or not. There are cases when an employer can also request or access the driving history of their prospective employee.

Information contained in the South Carolina Driving Records

A driving record in South Carolina includes personal information like the person’s complete name, birth date, driving license number, and current address. The record also has their driving history, for instance in case he/she has been furnished with citations for accidents, traffic tickets, and moving violations.


Procuring a driving record in South Carolina

At times visiting the DMV South Carolina in person is unavoidable. Here are some of the ways to find or obtain a South Carolina driving record.

A driver can conduct South Carolina DMV Driving Record Search online. The records can be also accessed in person or via mail. The copies of these driving records can be uncertified and certified. In case a certified copy is ordered online, it will be sent by mail. To order a driving record in South Carolina online, the person should go to the South Carolina DMV website. The requestor has to provide certain details such as his social security number, name, address, birth date, and driving license number. They have to also pay a charge of 6 USD by debit or credit card.


Public Records South Carolina

If you wish to get your driving record in South Carolina by mail, you have to fill up a special form called MV-70, which is a request for driver details. The form should be then sent to the address mentioned on the form. You have to also include a money order or a check as a fee for obtaining the driving record.

It is also possible to visit any DMV in South Carolina in person to get your driving record in the state. Fill up the form, as well as, pay the required fee. It is possible to request an uncertified or certified copy of your driving record while visiting the closest DMV in South Carolina.

DMV driving records in South Carolina

A person is permitted by the DMV of South Carolina to ask for their certified driving history by filling up an online form. .One can ask for wither the 10-year or 3-year driving record for the cost of just 6 USD.

However, if a person wishes to search for an unofficial and uncertified driving record copy, they can take the help of a 3rd-party website such as SearchQuarry.com. Although a driving record’s uncertified copy is inappropriate when they wish to produce it for their employment, financial, or legal purposes, it is an excellent way to know the details of their driving record for their personal purposes.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!