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How to Get Your DMV Record in South Dakota

A typical DMV record contains your driving history and lists traffic violations, suspensions, and convictions. The driving records are public records in all the states of the USA barring a few special circumstances. Anybody can access these records and know about a person’s driving history and his behavior.

Imagine if you are applying for a job and your employer finds out that you have been fined, suspended or convicted for traffic violations, then the chances of getting the job diminish drastically.
Hence, checking your driving record periodically would help you in correcting your driving habit. It also helps you in reviewing your driving record for any errors so that you wouldn’t be fined for a fault you weren’t part of. Like any other state in the USA, the State of South Dakota to maintains DMV records of its citizens.

Since these records are public records individuals, organizations, government authorities and private establishments can obtain these records. A South Dakota DMV public record search would also get your driving record online.

South Dakota Driving Records

Apart from the driving history of a person, a typical South Dakota DMV record lists suspensions, cancellations, and revocations. In some cases, you may also find restrictions imposed on a driver. South Dakota DMV driving record search also allows you to check the points on driver’s license.

How to Get DMV records in the State of South Dakota

You can obtain a certified or uncertified driving record in the State of South Dakota. These records can be obtained through different means since the South Dakota State has provided a couple of avenues to get them.

You can get the DMV record by personally visiting the main or branch offices of the South Dakota Department of Public Safety (DPS). Even though South Dakota DPS has its official website, it doesn’t provide a driving record online. Hence, DMV record search South Dakota would guide you to third party websites.

1. In-Person – You can approach one of the several exam stations spread across the state to request for DMV record. You can find the contact numbers and addresses of these exam stations on the official website. You can either request for a three-year driving record or complete driving record. Both requests have different forms. You need to fill the form of your choice and get it notarized before applying for the driving record at the exam station. You also have to provide a valid copy of identity proof and pay a fee of $5 by check or cash.

2. Mail – You can mail the filled form of your choice to the mailing address of the main branch of DPS to get a DMV record. As in case visiting in person, you need to notarize the form to mail too. You should also attach a copy of the identity proof and a driver’s license. The fee of $5 can only be paid through check.

Public Records South Dakota
Mailing Address

Driver Licensing Program
118 West Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501.

If you have queries use the below contact number:

Contact Number – (605)773-6883

Official Link - https://dps.sd.gov/records/driving-records

Form Links - https://dps.sd.gov/application/files/2815/7071/3774/3year.pdf

3. Third-Party – As mentioned earlier, South Dakota State officially doesn’t provide DMV records online. However, you can order non-certified records online using third party websites. South Dakota DMV driving record search online would guide you to several third party websites. You just have to ascertain the authenticity of your chosen website before applying for DMV record.

Each website has its own fee structure and charges according to the type of DMV record you require. You can also check for third party agencies present nearby you, which help you in getting DMV records. These agencies charge you depending upon the type of driving record you are looking for.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 25, 2021
Sensitive Information!