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How to Find Driving Records in Tennessee?

A driving record is often overlooked when employers survey potential candidates to hire. A driving record can provide intimate information about a person’s character, like how responsible he/she is behind the wheels and whether they follow safety rules and regulations as would a law-abiding citizen. It is a document listing any and all traffic misdemeanors that they may have committed, maintained by the government.

What Information Can You Find in Driving Records

A driving record or a motor vehicle report is issued to a person as soon as he/she receives their driving license. The state government maintains a public record of every driver’s encounter with the law. So, if a person has been speeding over the speed limit and manages to receive a ticket for it, from the law enforcer – the driving record will contain this ticket. If they’ve had their driving license suspended in the past, the driving record will list this information too.

It’s a good idea to try to maintain a clean driving record. A clean driving record not only attests to your sense of responsibility as a citizen, but it also helps you win low premiums from motor insurance companies.

Tennessee Driving Records

Getting Driving Records Online

The Tennessee government’s Department of Safety & Homeland Security offers an online MVR service, as part of its Driver Services. All you’ll need is a debit card which you will use to pay the application fee i.e. $7, a stable Internet connection to access the website, a printer – if you choose to print out the online record and basic information such as Driver Name, DOB and TN Driver License Number.


The form will be in PDF format, so you must have the necessary programs to be able to open such files. You will need to fill in your debit card information, your billing address and so on into the form. If no driving record is found to your name, your card will not be charged.

The online printout of your driving record is not an official document that you can use for professional purposes. If you wish to purchase a copy of your driving record that you can furnish to your next employer or other such authority as an official document, you will need to apply for the same offline. We will be discussing methods for applying for a driving record offline in our section below.

Driving Records Tennessee
Getting Driving Records Offline

Besides applying for your driving record online, there are ways in which you can receive your driving record offline too. In the first way, you have to visit a driver services center in Tennessee, where you will have to furnish a $5 application fee along with identification details such as your name, DOB and TN Driver License number. In the case that somebody else is applying for your driving records offline, on your behalf, you will have to provide them with a notarized statement where you authorize them to do the same.

Similarly, if you cannot visit a driver services center yourself, you can choose to receive your driving record by mail. Your mailing address will be Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, MVR Request, PO Box 945, Nashville, TN 37202. Attach a cashier’s check of $5 or money order for the same amount payable to the Tennessee Department of Safety.

Provide necessary information such as Driver’s Name, Birth Date and TN Driver License Number. Wait up to two weeks and you should be able to receive your official driving record offline within this time. The motor vehicle report you receive will record your driving history for the past three years. The cleaner your driving record, the better posed you are for jobs and affordable insurance.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 7, 2020
Sensitive Information!