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How to Get Your DMV Record in Texas

There are various ways to get a comprehensive DMV Record in Texas for free. However, you can obtain records with different types of details about DMV records for free or at a low cost. The report you select completely depends on the details you are looking for, the purpose of your request, and the willingness to spend money.


Visit the DMV Records office in Texas

If your local DMV provides a free report, that will be the best choice to get DMV records. The report given by them is the official record and would be the most accurate. Any office where a DMV record is available can print a copy of your driving record. If you pay the penalty, the DMV would often send your report along with the payment receipt. Few offices print the driving record documents on your request for free and a few charges fees.

Texas Driving Records

How to Get Your DMV Record in Texas through online

This service allows Texas licensees to request driver records online and print DMV report once the order is successful. You might also get a document via email. You cannot request to receive your driver's record in the mail.

List of options available:

If you do not have printer functionality or would prefer to receive your Texas DMV record by email, you can download the driver record application form from the DPS website.

Texas.gov provides this online facility, Texas official website. This service fee includes funds to help ongoing operations and upgrades to Texas.gov, which are provided by third parties in partnership with Texas.


Checklist to print your DMV record in Texas:

Check the below system requirements.

Then follow the instructions for the test file BEFORE ordering a DMV record.

System requirements:

  • Adobe Reader version 9 or higher must be installed on your computer.
  • Those who use google chrome: Google Docs doesn't work for Texas DMV Records. Adobe Reader is a must.
  • Browser Support
  • The service supports the last two versions of the main web browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox). Microsoft Edge will not be supported.
  • Remember to disable ALL popup blockers in your web browser.
  • Make sure your printer is connected and functioning properly.
  • Instruction to print a file
  • Select the "Print " button and enter password 1234. When the driver record is successfully displayed on your screen, open the login page, and place your DMV record. You can also select to receive DMV record by email.

Public Records Texas

Information Required to Get Your DMV Record in Texas

  • Driving License number
  • Audit number (You will find the position of the audit number in the sample). Instead of providing the audit number, you can check the box on the login screen by specifying, "I do not have the audit number" for additional verification for an additional fee of $ 1.75.
  • The last four digits from the social security number
  • Valid credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover)
  • Understand the type of DMV record you want
  • Adobe Reader
  • Email id or a printer

Fees to Get Your DMV Record in Texas

Following are the fees Texas.gov site charges for each DMV record in Texas

  • Type 1: Name, license status, date of birth, and current address - $ 4.50
  • Type 2: Name, license status, date of birth, history of accidents and traffic violations on in the past three year period - $ 6.50
  • Type 2A (Driving history for three years of period.): The Type 2 certified version (Not accepted for DDC) - $ 12.00
  • Type 3 (Full Driving History): Name, license status, date of birth, history of accidents, and traffic violations.
  • Type 3A (Certified Full Driving History): The certified version (Accepted for DDC.) - $ 12.00
  • Type AR: Complete DMV record - $ 22.00
The refund cannot be processed after requesting a driver record

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 2, 2021
Sensitive Information!