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How to Get Your DMV Record in Wisconsin

Do you know if you drive your vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drug you may be sent to prison for violation of traffic rules? On top of that, the violation stays in your driving record for 55 years haunting you like a ghost whenever you take your vehicle out. Hence, it is better to stay out of alcohol or drug consumption if you are planning to go for long a drive.

It is even better if you stay away from these substances for life because once you get caught by authorities while on the road, the offense stays with you forever.


Checking your driving record periodically helps you in finding out where you have gone wrong in driving and what measures you have to take to improve your driving habits. It also helps you in keeping a check on the errors made by authorities while entering any violation done by you.

The State of Wisconsin responds promptly to the request to correct errors in driving records and makes sure that it doesn’t repeat in the future. The driving records come under public records in all the states of America. Wisconsin DMV public record search allows you to look for your driving record both offline and online.

Wisconsin Driving Records
A DMV record of Wisconsin State consists of tickets, violations, suspensions, accidents, and convictions. DMV records can be used to adjust insurance policy, conduct background checks for employment and proceedings of government agencies or court. Wisconsin DMV driving record searches online guides you to official and other websites where you can look for your driving record.

How to Get DMV Records in the State of Wisconsin?

The Division of Motor Vehicles falling under Wisconsin State Department of Transportation provides the DMV records to individuals, organizations, government agencies, and private establishments. The department disseminates three types of driving records - certified driving records, non-certified driving records and online driving record abstract. You can use any one of the methods to obtain your driving record.

1. Online – You can get a DMV record in the state by opening the official page of the Wisconsin State Department of Transportation website. Apart from filling the fields on the page, you need to provide driver’s license number, date of birth and social security number. You only get a driving record abstract on the website. You will be charged a fee of $5 plus a convenience fee. The only payment modes are valid credit or debit cards.

Official Link - https://trust.dot.state.wi.us/doors/driverSearch.do

2. Mail – To order your DMV record through mail, you need to download Vehicle/Driver Record Information Request form. Once you fill the form, you need to attach a check of $12 for a certified fee or $7 for a non-certified fee with the mail. The mailing address is as given below.

Public Records Wisconsin

Mailing Address

Department of Transportation

P.O. Box 7995


WI 53707

Form Link - https://wisconsindot.gov/Documents/formdocs/mv2896.pdf

3. Personal Visit – If you have free time, you can personally visit the main branch of Wisconsin DMV office situated in Madison or you can visit other branches nearby you to get a DMV record. You need to fill the required form and pay $12 for certified and $7 for a non-certified driving record. You should also give your current address since the driving record is not given on the spot but sent to your address.

4. Third-Party
- You can also contact authorized or private third-party vendors to get Wisconsin driving records. You can also visit third-party websites to obtain driving records. A Wisconsin DMV records search online would take you to several third party websites. These vendors and websites have different fee structures depending upon the type of driving record you order.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!