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Ebates: What is Ebates Shopping App?

by Eddie V.

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Ebates Review: Learn About Ebates and How to Use its Best Features

What is Ebates?

Ebates is a shopping site with an app that allows people to get the best coupons and deals. It also offers cashback on purchases done in more than 2,500 stores. The site that was started in 1998 has helped shoppers get more than $1billion in cash back. The site has helped more than 10 million members to enjoy the best shopping experience. The site that is a part of the Rakuten group is without a doubt, one of the biggest loyalty programs for members in the USA. It has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

How Ebates work?

The working of Ebates is very simple.

  • A user who is a member of this site can look for a store of their choice. Ebates has more than 2,500 partner stores who offer rebates and coupons for members of Ebates.
  • Members can then shop at the store using the coupons and code given by Ebates.
  • Once a member shop at a store through Ebates, the shop would give a commission to Ebates, who would share the commission with the member in the form of cashback.
  • The cashback is credited to the member account.
  • Members can collect on the cashback either through PayPal or by getting a check for the amount.

Earning Cashback at Ebates

  • Ebates offers a shopping app that allows you to earn cashback on the go. You can download this app that is available for the iOS and Android platforms. The app offers exclusive deals for users. Use the app to shop at the partner stores of Ebates. Shop and then get the cashback credited to your account. The app is a handy way to shop.
  • The Cashback button from Ebates is a browser extension. When you install this, you can use it to activate cash back at the websites of the partner stores. When you shop at those stores, use the cash back button so that you can activate some money back and get it for all the shopping that you do.
  • Apart from the app and online shopping, you can always get cashback at stores. When you shop at the store that is partnered with Ebates, you can get offers. Shop using the offers and you can get cashback to your account.
Ebates App
  • Ebates also offers an Ebates Cash Back Visa® Credit Card. This credit card can, of course, be used like any other credit card while shopping. The biggest advantage is that you can get 1% cash back when you use the card. Also, there are many shopping offers by Ebates, where you can an additional 3% Cash Back.
  • Referrals are another way by which you can earn cash back. Once you become a member of Ebates and experience its benefits, you can refer your friends to join. Whenever you refer friends, you get a straight cash bonus. You can refer more friends to get more bonus. This is a great way to earn cash back from Ebates.
  • One more way to earn cashback is being an Ebates ambassador. A special Ebates influencer program is offered. Once you become a part of it, apart from cashback, you can also get other rewards. You can even get invitations to special and exclusive events.
Ebates Review

When you log in to the Ebates website you can visit whichever shopping category, you are interested in. The site also has hot deals listed out that you can benefit from. Apart from store shopping, Ebates also has vacation offers where you can great deals on travel. Ebates is the best way for shoppers to get cash back for their earnings.


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