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How Your emails Get Hacked and Your Info Exposed

by Keren P.

Warning: these are the email hacking tactics hackers use on you

Hacking has become a major issue around the world, especially these days. Since COVID began, there has been a 600% rise in cybercrimes. There are various ways hackers get into email accounts and use them to get their hands on your personal information. From your social security number to your bank accounts – this is how emails get hacked and your info exposed.


Phishing is the most common email hacking tool. Why? Because it is simple and effective. With phishing schemes, hackers send you an email that looks legitimate. These emails contain links to fake websites, fake phone numbers, and other fake information. The hackers then ask you to verify information about yourself. When you do so, the hackers get your personal information and use it. If you receive such an email, you should never reply. Whether it's a "governed" email or supposedly from your health care provider, you should contact the official authority with official contact information. Also, you should perform a background check with GoLookUp to discover who is behind the email address.

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Security software hacking

Many people ignore security software warnings. If you are one of them, then stop. There is a reason for security updates; they evolve along with hackers and scammers and provide you with comprehensive data protection. When you do not have the latest version of your protection software, hackers can use malware to get into your email accounts. How? They send malware links that seem legitimate. When you click on the ad\link, malware is installed on your computer. And yes – you guessed it – your email is hacked.

Easy to guess password

Yet another common email hacking method is simply guessing your password. Many people have passwords that they can easily remember. This is a security soft spot that hackers take advantage of. To make it harder for hackers, use different and unique passwords for your email accounts and any account that uses a login system. If you are worried that you won't remember those passwords, use a secure password-storing app. Or, go old school and write down the passwords. Simple and life-saving.

Email hacking causes many people to lose money, personal data, and even their identity. That is why you should be very careful with your email and take everything with a grain of salt. If get suspicious emails, do not click on any link or provide any data. Perform an email search or a background check on the email address that contacted you, and find out what is going on.   


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