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Put a to Stop Spam Emails with These Tips

Emails have changed the way we communicate on a personal and professional level, and thanks to them, we can receive messages quickly from everywhere in the world. unfortunately, spammers and scammers have turned emails into a spam and junk mail depository. Spam mails are not only pesky but they can also be risky, which is why you need to know how to stop spam Emails and protect yourself from the risks of such mail.

Use a Separate Email Address for Signups

Your main email address should be used for important things, such as communicating with friends and family, work colleagues, getting work emails, and more. To protect your personal email address from spam, you should open an alternate email account for newsletters, signups, sales, and other mail that could lead to spam rain. Many spammers and scammers hack into databases that contain emails, so they can get your information from those innocent looking and legitimate signups. So, if you want to protect your email and the information in it, open a separate account for activities that do not involve work or your personal life.

How to Stop Spam Emails

Be Ware of Tracking Pixels

A tracking pixel is a very small image, sometimes just one-pixel size, that is used to embed a tracking code. When you open an email that contains a tracking pixel, it sends a message to the email's sender, letting him know that you have opened the email that he has sent. It can even notify spammers and scammers of your location based on the location of your device, which is never good. When you open a tracking pixel email, you are basically notifying the spammer that your email address is valid and that a human has read it.

To stop this from happening, set your email to block remote images. How can you do this? Well, every email service has its own blocking methods, so you should read your email service's "Help" page to find out how to block remote images and apply the steps for doing just that.

Do Not Click on Links or Reply to Spam Emails

One of the ways that spammers keep bombarding people with spam emails is by piquing their interest with various links. Once you click on a link from a spam mail, it shows the sender that you interact with such mail, which is risky. Also, certain links cause spammers to take control of your computer, get access to your accounts, and install viruses that will harm your devices.

Spam Emails
So, even if you see a tempting mail, do not reply to it or click on links. Some spammers even go as far as sending emails from addresses that seem to belong to your family or friends. Even if you get an email from a person you know, ask them if they sent you an email with a link to make sure that you are not scammed.

Perform a Reverse Email Search

If you want to discover if a certain email address belongs to a spammer or a scammer, you should perform a reverse email search. A reverse email search with GoLookUp will let you know who is behind an email address in question; once you enter an email address into the directory, GoLookUp will scan public records that are connected to the said address. Once the search is complete, you will receive a report that contains information about the sender: full name, location, name of the company (if a registered company has sent the email), criminal records, arrest records, and so on. The data in the report reveals whether certain email addresses are legitimate or not, and once you have this data, you can block spam emails for good.

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Use a Spam Blocking Service

If you are receiving spam emails left and right and you do not know how to tell apart spam senders from legitimate emails, you can use a third-party spam blocker. You can use the one provided by your email service provider or add another blocker. You can get a free spam blocker or a paid per service that can effectively block unwanted emails and protect you from potentially harmful correspondence.

Spam emails can be harassing, and even turn you into a victim of fraud. By recognizing spam emails and using tools to identify and block spam emails, you can not only stop annoying emails but also protect yourself from scams, frauds, and identity theft.

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Search anyone in the United States. 100% Confidential