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Help Hotline: What Are Emergency Numbers in America?

by Keren P.

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What Are Emergency Hotlines In USA?

When you find yourself in any sort of emergency situation, it is imperative for you to know what to say and who to call. After all, it is normal to feel quite upset and disoriented when there is an emergency that hits you suddenly. Make sure that your family and you are ready by maintaining all the important contact numbers in a single location.

Remember that the most ideal time to fence yourself for any emergency situation is before it can actually take place. You need to also ensure that the other family members are aware of these emergency hotline numbers and your children are aware of how to make a telephone call to seek for help.

Accidents can occur at any corner of your home. So, make multiple copies of the list and place one next to every phone your home and one on the fridge. You should also carry a copy with you prior to moving out of the home and have one in your car as well. It also makes sense to store these emergency numbers for the United States of America into your mobile phones.

Suicide Hotline Text

You need to ensure that your list has the following hotline numbers:

  • Hospital emergency room
  • Fire department
  • The toll-free poison control center that will ensure that you are in touch with your area’s poison control center
  • Emergency medical services
  • Cellphones or pagers of parents
  • Police department
  • Pharmacy
  • Relatives and/or neighbors

Hotline number to get in touch with the police department in the U.S.

If you want to report the occurrence of any kind of crime, you can call the telephone number the United States of America. The non-emergency number is always staffed and so you can be assured of immediate assistance.

Nationwide emergency number

In the United States of America, 911 is the national emergency hotline number. Whenever there is an emergency situation, there is a single telephone number in the United States for fire, medical and crime related emergency situations. You can dial the number from any phone and can access an operator. The operator will ask you certain questions and then transfer your call to the relevant response team. The series of questions an operator could ask you include:

  • Emergency details
  • Emergency type
  • The site of the emergency
  • The telephone number you have called from

The same number can be also used when you need medical treatment instantly or you want to access firefighters, cops, or an ambulance. The number 911 can be dialed from all public phones at no cost.

Help Hotline

Plus, it is important to be calm when there is an emergency while traveling on a highway or on any secondary road. In case your mobile phone is not with you, try to find an emergency phone close by.

What is important to remember in this context is that you can use the number 911 only when there is an emergency situation.  For some reason when somebody in your family or you dials 911 accidentally, do not disconnect the call immediately as the operator would interpret it as the existence of an emergency. Rather, it is better to be on that line and tell the operator that you called up by mistake.

However, when there are non-emergency situations, several American cities support another number 311as a special contact number offering you access to municipal services for situations, which are not emergency. The number offers information related to situations such as potholes, removal of a dead animal, non-functional traffic lights, parking meters, and street lights, and road debris among others.

Another very important hotline number to store in the United States of America is the number for poison control center. It is 1-800-222-1222.


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