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8 Evil Movie Characters We Love!

by Roger D.

Evil Movie Characters, Evil Movie Character

8 Best Evil Movie Characters Of All Time

Movies are remembered for their heroes and protagonists have admirable personas and stories that filter into our imaginations and become a part of our lives. However, what makes or breaks a perfect good versus evil struggle in the plot of any tale is the villain and the hurdles he or she launches at the protagonists throughout the course of the story. After all, a story without the spite of its antagonists is dull and does not comprise a story worth telling in the first place.

Evil beliefs, cruelty, and manipulation are just a basis for the flavor that villains bring to tales. Their trickery and terrible deeds not only shine a light on the unseemly tendencies of human nature but also form a constant hindrance on the heroes, making their lives a living Hell. Here are some of the best evil personas of all times showcased in movies:

1. Joker- Dark Knight

Among all of DC's villains, the Joker is the most popular and even beloved. He appears as clever with little means, manipulative with great street skills and over-all light-hearted compared to the dark, heroic persona of Batman—hence taking the role of the hero's true antagonist. The Joker's character shot to fame with Heath Ledger's legendary performance in the Dark Knight.

Joker- Dark Knight

2. Amy Dunne- Gone Girl

Rosamund Pike plays the enigmatic Amy Dunne in the film Gone Girl, based on a book of the same name by Gillian Flynn. Initially, she is introduced as the perfect daughter, lover, and wife who is innocent, talented and loving. The story flips between the narrative of Amy and her husband as she does everything in her power to destroy and keep him in her clutches. This character is the poster child for fake people with psychopathic tendencies.

Amy Dunne- Gone Girl

3. Esther- Orphan

Turning innocence, childhood and love on its heels, the character of Esther, played by Isabelle Fuhrman, uses her adoptive family’s open heart and destroys them from within. The movie is shot like a horror film as the adoptive mother struggles to find out her daughter’s true identity before it is too late.

Esther- Orphan


4. Amon Goeth- Schindler's list

Based on Amon Leopold Göth, the commander of a concentration camp in German-occupied Poland during World War II, the character of Amon Goeth brings to life the cruelties of Nazi practice and the horrors inflicted during the war. He not only indulges his unquestioned evil acts due to his position of power but also feels joy in hurting the Jews without a single hint of remorse. His role exposes the horrifying truths of war crimes.

Amon Goeth- Schindler's list

5. Dolores Umbridge- Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

The Harry Potter franchise has numerous villains and evil characters, but question any Potterhead and one would find a universal agreement in the fact that Dolores Umbridge was the worst among the lot. Even Voldemort seems tame in front of this pink woman with pursed lips who bans the practice of magic in favor of theory and introduces all forms of restrictions that hinder the learning and development of the students itself. Her overly sweet exterior barely hides her dark intentions which are showcased by her torture of students in detention by drawing their blood. It is her presence that triggers the creation of Dumbledore's Army, encouraging the first signs of active resistance among the students.

evil movie characters Dolores Umbridge

6. Damien- Omen II

Literally the Anti-Christ reborn, the character of Damien, played by Johnathan Scott Taylor, is the jackal-born son of the devil who is adopted into the family of the US ambassador for England. Even as a child, he instills fear in the protagonists and the audience with his attempts to kill his mother and her unborn child.

Damien- Omen II

7. Alex DeLarge - A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is a classic movie about sadism and just how evil human beings can be. Alex DeLarge is one psycho evil character that becomes even eviler when he is forced to reform. Even when he returns, sadistic tendencies still going strong, Alex thinks he's all better, saying "I was cured, all right!".

Alex DeLarge

8. Hannibal Lecter

Anthony Hopkins brilliantly portrayed Dr. Hannibal Lecter in several movies over the past two decades. The combination of cool, calm, and well-mannered Dr. Lecter with his dark and cannibalistic side makes him one of the most memorable evil movie characters in cinematic history. The well-versed serial killer who enjoys snacking on his victims sends chills down viewers spines time and time again, and the Hannibal character will remain in the top spots of most evil movie characters for years to come.  

evil movie characters Hannibal Lecter

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