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Facebook Messenger Features You Have to Know About

by Garry S.

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Facebook Messenger: These Are The Best Features Of Facebook Messenger

Practically every second person has a Facebook Account. The medium of this social networking site is phenomenal right from keeping in touch with family, friends, friends of friends, professional contacts and others. Through the years the methodology of Facebook has evolved. With WhatsApp being a firm favorite, the messenger option of Facebook also offers an instant chat feature. Facebook Messenger is an app that can be used across smartphones. Let us look at some of the best features of Facebook Messenger.

Free Application

The messenger app is free that enables contact with anyone you know to keep in touch. Many bring forward the argument of privacy issues. Like many other messenger services, one needs to read the fine print. Nevertheless, as a free application, one need not log into Facebook to keep in touch. In touch when you want to discuss something in a group and not individually. When you think free, everyone may have a piece of the pie. With apps available today for a price, why would one want to join that club (the paying kind)? It makes perfect sense to use Messenger keeps you in the know.


Private and Not so Private

The poser of whether conversations on Messenger are private – they are not fully private. To keep them private, opt for the secret conversation feature on messenger. Pretty much like WhatsApp, once you click on this feature, every chat will have end-to-end encryption. By using this feature, no one can view messages including the Facebook team! Naturally, when one puts up information on the internet or social media, one is confiscating one’s anonymity. Nevertheless, with the secret conversation feature, (that needs to be ticked to get it enabled), it ensures that one’s information is not up for grabs.

Talk and Talk

Imagine talking with someone out of the country without having to cough up large amounts of money. Sure WhatsApp also has the feature, but we are talking Messenger here. You can chat with a friend or a group on Messenger which makes this medium of communication a very convenient tool. Ditto with chat, you can chat to your heart's content, once you view who is online. For personal and professional reasons, Messenger is convenient. You can also keep your status as online or offline, the choice is yours. If you are not in a chatty mood, you can reply to messages, if you are online, or just go offline.

Facebook Messenger

Share Information

On Messenger, one can share information in the form of documents, videos, voice messages and so on and so forth. One may argue that the possibility is available with WhatsApp too, but the big advantage here is that Messenger is connected to Facebook. It is a force multiplier. From a business angle, if a company wants to share a valid piece of information or a survey, for instance, one can click on Facebook at the end of the information and share or like the information. It provides an individual, a group of friends and friends of friends to take the survey and spread the message.

In a Nutshell

The beauty of life today through amazing apps like Messenger, keeping in touch with family, friends and business contacts is easier than it was in the past. By using Messenger, it works to better your life. At the end of the day, when you log on the internet or an app, you are letting on that you are in it to keep in touch, and to an extent have disclosed private information. However, if privacy issues still bother you, use the secret conversation route. The other option, of course, is to remove the app, or don’t crib, period.


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