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Famous Movies from the 80s You Ought to Know About!

by Nicky E.

Famous 80s Movies, 80s Most Famous Movies

Most Famous 80s Movies

The 80s are often regarded as the age of conflict as far as arts, music and pop-culture go. Popularly labeled as the "Decade that just won't die," this label perfectly describes the conflict between the blockbusters of that decade and the slew of flops and cringe-inducing released of that time. The 80s were all about consolidating the success of the ideas which were developed in the seventies rather than coming up with original concepts.

The 80s cinema is known as the age of "hype and blockbusters" which revived people's faith in studio-based productions. With the formation of some of the biggest franchises of this generation such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Die hard among others, the 80s cinema is characterized by larger than life characters and grand storylines. One can say that the foundations of the modern concept of cinematic universes (popularized by Marvel Studios) were laid back in the 1980s. While E.T was the highest-grossing film of the decade, the 80s also spawned a number of cult-classic directors such as James Cameron and Stanley Kubrick. The 80s were also the time when the genre of sci-fi and cyberpunk were consolidated in the world of cinema with major blockbuster releases such as Aliens, Predator and Blade Runner. A list of the most iconic movies from the 80s are mentioned below.

  • Aliens- Aliens was James Cameron's take on the cult-classic Alien movie which was initially directed by Ridley Scott. The intense amount of detailing that has gone into the light and shadows, detailing of futuristic equipment and spaceships and the gripping horror and action sequences make Aliens one of the biggest classics of that age. One also needs to mention the mind-blowing performance of Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, the space warrant officer who gets trapped with her team in a spaceship infested with dangerous aliens.
  • Blade Runner- The neo-noir cyberpunk classic Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott, was not a huge hit upon its release. The film, however, has made genre-defining contributions to popular culture and modern sci-fi cinema. This cult-classic has influenced, video games, fashion, TV series and a wide range of animated cartoons and anime. Some of the modern cultural hits that have drawn major inspiration from Blade Runner include, Ghosts in the Shell, Battlestar Galactica, Altered Carbon and a whole host of video games.
  • Predator- On of the landmark movies of the late 80s which combines the two genres of science fiction and horror, Predator was one of those unforgettable moves from the 80s that truly adopted the “pulpy” theme of that age. The movie portrays Arnold Schwarzenegger as a lone marine battling it out against a hunter from an alien species who landed on earth to look for tough game. The haunting presence of the predator is only shadowed by Schwarzenegger’s primal portrayal of a man turned into a hunter.
  • Die Hard- This Bruce Willis classic set the tone for action movies to come in the upcoming ages. While the "buddy cop" theme was a rage back in the 80s, this movie featured the gutsy, underdog cop as the protagonist. This movie had such a major impact upon its release that the Nakatomi Plaza and dialogues from the movie have come into the modern day nerd-lingo.
  • Fullmetal Jacket- A list of the classic movies from the 80s would be incomplete without the mention of a Kubrick movie. Stanley Kubrick established himself as a distinguished genius with his chilling and impactful cinematography. No other movie demonstrates this as clearly the cult-classic Fullmetal Jacket. The movie portrays the harsh realities of war in an almost darkly comic fashion. The entire movie is a deep commentary on typical American foreign policy and its agenda on international war.


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