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Famous Cold Cases That Will Give You the Chills

by David H.

Famous Cold Cases, Cold Case Files

The Most Famous Cold Cases That Will Give You the Chills

With the development of new technology, old cold crime cases will not necessarily remain cold, murders from 30 years ago are being solved with the help of DNA evidence, and other new forms of technology. There was recently a case where a serial killer was found when the detective on the case input his DNA into a genealogy site and found a cousin of the culprit. All it took was to see which of the cousins' relatives matched the profile of the suspect, and he was arrested.

However, there are some cases that have remained unsolved and the longer time goes on, the less likely these crimes will be solved. Many of these cases have become the subjects of books, movies, and documentaries. Here are some of the most infamous cold murder cases that will give you the chills. 

Famous Cold Cases

Jack The Ripper

Jack The Ripper was a famous serial killer that was active in London in 1888. He is the focus of a large number of pop culture references including books and movies. The name Jack The Ripper was given by someone who claimed to be the murderer, the letter was regarded as a hoax, but the name stuck. “Jack” typically went after prostitutes in the slum area of East End of London. The murderer was thought to have been someone who had knowledge of anatomy and surgery based on the murders. Each victim’s throat was cut and had abdominal mutilations. There are a number of theories as to who the killer was, but no hard evidence has been connected to any of them. 

Dian Fossey

Dian Fossey was an American Primatologist who was famous for her studies of mountain gorillas. She typically worked in the forests of Rwanda, a country which up until recently was the backdrop for a civil genocide. While she was working in Rwanda Fossey supported conservation efforts and was a strong opponent of poaching. One morning in December of 1985, Fossey was found hacked to death by a machete in her cabin. The running theory is that she was murdered by a poacher who was threatened by her conservation efforts on behalf of the primates in Rwanda. 


The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer is an unidentified serial killer that was active from the late 1960s to the early 1970s in Northern California. The name “Zodiac Killer” came from a series of taunting letters that the killer sent to the local press which including cryptograms. The killer claims to have committed 37 murders, but there are only 7 confirmed victims. Although the police had several suspects they were unable to confirm the identity of the Zodiac Killer and he may remain free even today. 

Cold Case Files

Amber Hagerman

You have probably heard of the term Amber Alert which is the term used when there is a missing child. The alert was named after Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old girl who was kidnapped and murdered in Arlington, Texas. The young girl was riding her bicycle with her brother one afternoon when a man in a pickup truck forcefully took her from her bike and put her in the back of the truck. Despite an eyewitness to the kidnapping calling the police and a subsequent manhunt for Hagerman, she was only found five days later in a creek with her throat cut. The police still do not know who the perpetrator of this horrendous crime due to the lack of evidence and information.

The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run

The Mad Butcher also is known as the Torso Murderer was a serial killer who was active in Cleveland during the 1930s although the identity of this murderer is still unknown it is safe to say he/she is dead as the crimes occurred 90 years ago. The exact number of victims is unknown, originally it was thought to be 12, but recent searches show that there may have been up to 20 murders. The name Kingsbury Run comes from the area in which the bodies were dumped. The Butcher was characterized by decapitating or dismemberment of the victim's body and in most cases of his/her male victims, castration. 

The Tylenol Murders

Have you ever noticed that there is a seal on all medication when you buy it at the pharmacy? There is a clear statement on the bottle that says if the seal is broken, you should not use the product. The reason for this seal was a series of murders by poison that occurred in Chicago in 1982. A total of seven people died as a result of cyanide poisoning from ingesting Tylenol products. After a number of deaths, an investigation discovered that all victims used a Tylenol product. Following this discovery, a warning went out in the Chicago area warning people not to use Tylenol and a nationwide recall of 31 million bottles of Tylenol occurred. Although the culprit of the poisoning was not found, a man was found guilty of extorting Johnson & Johnson, the company that owned Tylenol when he asked for a million dollars, he was, however, not linked to the murders. 

Cold Case

The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia is the horrifying case of Elizabeth Short, a native of Boston who moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. On a morning in January 1947, Short’s body was found naked, severed in half and drained of blood in a park leading the discoverer of her body to believe it was a mannequin at first. The police had a list of 150 suspects but were not able to discover who the murderer was to this day. There was someone who claimed to be the perpetrator of the murder who called a local newspaper and said he would soon mail Short’s belongings to them.

A total of 750 law enforcement officers worked on the case, but to no avail. More recently, a police officer by the name of Steve Hodel came forward saying he spent 15 years collecting evidence that his father, George Hodel was the man behind the murder. However the evidence was not conclusive, and Steve Hodel was not the only one to claim knowledge of the identity of the killer. The story of The Black Dahlia has been turned into a movie which starred Scarlett Johansson and many television shows, including an episode of the popular show, American Horror Story. 

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