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Most Famous Hacks that Took Place over the Years!

by Bob M.

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Most famous hacks

Hacking involves using a set of programs and commands to manipulate and bypass a system, making it do whatever the hacker wants. While, most hackers are hobbyists, many out there have malevolent intentions. These hackers from time to time have made their intentions known by planning and executing some of the worst hacks in human history. These hacks have left companies and individuals devastated, both financially and mentally. We, in this article, bring to you most famous hacks that shook the world. Take a look.

1.The Stuxnet hack: Stuxnet hack is widely regarded as one of the most sophisticated hacks of all time. Specialists believe that it was executed by at least one Nation State. The hack involved releasing the Stuxnet worm into systems located in Iran’s refinement plant. The worm soon started affecting Siemens Scada control. Over the next 17 months, the Stuxnet worm destroyed Iran’s nuclear centrifuges. Many hackers believe that even a minor error in executing the hack would have impacted the nuclear centrifuges around the world.

*Fun fact: Stuxnet was named after a keyword found in its code and was just 1 MB in size. Turns out it’s not always just the big things that matter.

2.The eBay hack: In 2014, hackers hacked into eBay’s security systems to steal personal information of around 145 million eBay users. Though no financial data was stolen, the attack exposed vulnerability of eBay’s systems. The retailer had to face a lot of flak for responding late to the attack.

3.JP Morgan Chase hack:
In 2014, alleged Russian hackers broke into JP Morgan Chase’ systems to get access to financial information of around 87 million accountholders. Even though the hackers had access to these accounts, they did not steal a single penny. Many experts believe that the hackers wanted something more important than money, information that they could use to blackmail the accountholders.

4.The LinkedIn hack: In 2012, hackers stole personal information of more than 160 million LinkedIn users. However, the social networking giant didn’t detect anything unusual until 2016, when hackers started selling user information in the black market.

5.The Home Depot hack: In 2014, hackers used the password of one of Home Depot’s vendors to execute what is known as the largest credit card breach in history. Hackers clandestinely monitored over 7,000 checkout registers and skimmed credit card details to use them for their purchases. The attack impacted around 50 million credit cards in one day.

famous hacks

6.The conficker worm: In terms of damage caused, the conficker worm pales in comparison to most hacks in this list, what however, makes the worm dangerous is its refusal to die. The first known attack was executed way back in 2008. The worm’s ability to move from one machine to another is the secret behind its survival. When infected by the worm, a system starts behaving like a zombie bot revealing key user information such as credit card numbers and passwords. It is estimated that the conficker worm infects around one million systems every year.

7.Ashley Madison hack: In 2015, Impact Team, a group of hackers broke into the internal servers of Vivid Entertainment to steal the personal information of around 37 million users. Later the information was released on different websites. Many users couldn’t bear the humiliation and committed suicide.

8.Saphamus DDOS: Saphamus is a not-for-profit organization that blacklists spammers. In 2013, the organization blocked emails by Cyberbunker, an internet service provider, who retaliated by executing a DDOS attack that slowed down internet connections throughout Europe.

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