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Most Famous Magicians Of All Times.

by Ashley S.

Famous Magicians, Most Famous Magicians

Most Famous Magicians Of All Times

The general human population lives a life channeled among the ‘ordinary,' choosing the paths of least surprises and taking little to no risks. However, there are some extraordinary individuals in this dull crowd who have shaped their lives to open new horizons for the human mind by creating experiences that seem misaligned to reality. Magicians are artists like any writer, dancer or painter and challenge what is believed to be impossible.

Although magic is but a trick on the mind, a twist of senses to show what the artist wants to be seen, magic itself has a charm that cannot be matched once the tricked indulge in a willing suspension of disbelieve. Most magicians understand that a trick does not merely require quick reflexes, like a slight of hand, but can only be executed to perfection once it also involves theatrical performance, training, pre-planning and testing dangerous boundaries that can even be fatal. It is not lightly said that the stunts performed by magicians are a professional effort and must not, under any circumstances, be tried at home.

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The following are some of the most well-known names in the field of magic:

David Blaine

Blaine is an American magician, illusionist and endurance artist who is best known for his elaborate acts of public imprisonment. He has not only spent three days entombed inside six tons of ice but also has been suspended in a glass box over the River Thames for 44 days. His most startling trick included levitating off the pavement.

Harry Houdini

Houdini is among the most famous names associated with magic in the world. He was born in Budapest and brought up in America where he learned the art of street trapeze. He later used magic to expose spiritualism and was also popular for his escapology.

The Great Lafayette

Sigmund Neuberger, also known as the Great Lafayette, was among the highest paid entertainers of his time. In 1911, he passed away during a 'lion's bride' trick that involved him switching places with a live lion. A stage lamp had fallen during the performance and the audience watched on as he took a final bow and burnt to death along with his crew and the animals on stage.

Chris Angel

Known by his title as the 'Mind-freak,' Chris Angel combines the rock and roll culture with daredevil stunts that seem deadly and impossible. He has used television to market magic and has become one of the most successful commercial magicians. Magic Castle Hollywood has awarded him with the title of 'magician of the year' three times.

Penn and Teller

Among successful magicians known popularly through television are Penn and Teller. They began as showmen and later tuned their acts in support of rational thinking and science, becoming social commentators calling out nonsensical theories. They are also known as illusionists whose tricks involve nail guns and catching bullets with the teeth.


Best known for his close-up magic, Steven Frayne from Bradford is also widely recognized as 'Dynamo.' Known for tricks like transforming snow into diamonds and bench-pressing  155 kgs in the gym, he flips the page on a traditional large-scale performance of magic with a simple and low-key delivery of slight of hand and other tricks which leave his audience in awe.

Derren Brown

Referring to himself as a 'psychological illusionist', Derren Brown uses magic to expose religious frauds and hoaxes of all kinds. He is a former Christian turned atheist and he performs near-alarming acts that involve observing body language. He is best known for his act involving a game of Russian roulette where he guessed which barrel contained the bullet.


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