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FBI Criminal Background Check: What is it Exactly? We Explain

by Goni S.

FBI Criminal Background Check, FBI Background Check, Criminal FBI Records

FBI Criminal Background Check

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) handles thousands of criminal cases each year. The security and intelligence service provided by the FBI serves the entire country, and the department holds many criminal cases in its files. The FBI, that operates under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Justice allows US citizens to check their criminal records with an FBI criminal background check. Fund out what is an FBI criminal records check, and how you can obtain data find in such files.

FBI Background Check Information

FBI background check named "Identity History Summary" or a "rap sheet", and people who have such records can get them for a fee. The FBI background checks are based on fingerprint submissions that are kept by the bureau.

The identity history summary of the FBU contains information about arrest records, federal employment, military service, and naturalization. In case the rap sheet contains information about criminal offenses, the name of the agency who submitted the fingerprints to the FBI will appear in the file.

FBI Criminal Background Check

How Does the FBI Compile Background Checks?

The files and criminal information on individuals held by the FBI is submitted to the agency by law enforcement authorities throughout the country. The Identity History Summary contains details such as fingerprints of the offender, arrest date, charges, disposition of the arrest, etc.

The criminal files are submitted to the FBI with fingerprints and the process of obtaining such records also involves around fingerprint identification.

Obtaining FBI Criminal Background Check Reports

The only people who can obtain an Identity History Summary are those whose name is listed on the files. So, you can only obtain an FBI criminal background check on yourself. Criminal background checks can be obtained for the purpose of reviewing the records, requesting to change the records, adopting a child, requests made by employers, and traveling to work and live in a foreign country.

You can obtain an FBI criminal background check in one of the three following methods:

  1. Electronic requests – allows you to submit a request to obtain Identity History Summary via the FBI website. After you enter the website, you will need to follow the steps in the "Obtaining Your Identity History Summary".
  2. Mail requests – You can submit a criminal background check request directly to the FBI through the US mail. To get an Identity History Summary by mail, you will need to fill out and attach an "Applicant Information Form" to your request.
  3. FBI-Approved Channeler Requests – you can submit a request to get an FBI background check report with FBI-approved channelers. The channelers are private businesses that are approved by the FBI to submit fingerprint requests on the behalf of the people who wish to receive an Identity History Summary.

All requests must contain a fingerprint submission form and a fee determined by the FBI.

FBI Background Check

Additional Background Check Methods

Aside from FBI background checks, you can receive a copy of your own criminal history, or the criminal history of others, by using public records websites. GoLookUp can provide you with the best background check service on any person you desire.

The search on GoLookUp lasts a few moments, and to get the criminal records reports, all you have to do is enter the name and state of residence of the person you are searching for. After you provide enter these identifying details into GoLookUp's background check directory, the search engine on the website will scan public records to find criminal data on the person in question.

In a matter of minutes, you will receive a full report on the person you are searching for that contains valuable data about their criminal past. Aside from contact information, education, aliases, and other public records data, you will also receive the following information:

  • Criminal records
  • Arrest records
  • Mugshots
  • Police records
  • Convictions
  • Sexual Offenses

An FBI background check allows you to gain access to your criminal records and request them when you need such a criminal background check. For a full background check on people other than yourself, you can use GoLookUp background check service that will provide you with criminal data in a few short moments.


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