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Federal Firearms License: How it Works and How to Obtain it!

by Kelly B.

Federal Firearms License, Firearm License

Federal Firearms License - Everything You Need to Know!

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives or ATF as it is colloquially known stipulates you must possess a Federal Firearms License or FFL if you want to start a business where you will purchase and sell guns. The process to obtain the FFL is a linear one if you meet the eligibility requirements. The FFL can be yours in approximately two months from the date of application.

Fill the application form
You must be more than 21 years old at the time of application. This can be waived if you wish to sell off a personal collection. Go through the ATF website for other eligibility criteria at the time of application.

Get ATF Form 7
Navigate to the ATF website given for the purpose. You can also dial the ATF Distribution Center to obtain the form.

Complete Part A of the ATF Form 7
Give information concerning your business, including name, activities, and address for which the FFL will be given. Select from nine different FFL types, as described in the form. You must certify that your business must satisfy all local, federal, and state regulations.

Complete Part B, Responsible Person Questionnaire of the form
Type in personal information. You have to answer a number of yes or no questions. Each responsible person should fill out the separately given Part B questionnaire. The ATF describes the responsible person as anyone who has management powers over the business.

Federal Firearms License

Get fingerprinted
Every ATF Form 7 should be accompanied by Fingerprint Identification Card or FD-258. This card can be ordered from ATF Distribution Center. This can be done online or over the phone. Take the documentation into your local police or law enforcement authority.

Include a photograph 2 by 2 inches of yourself
The picture should be taken within the last six months. The complete face must be visible and it should be a frontal view. Hats or any head covering is not allowed. Print your complete, full name, your SSN's last four digits, and the business address. A photograph is a must for every responsible person.

Send the application with the appropriate fee
You can pay by check, money order or credit card. Post-dated checks are not accepted by the ATF. The license fee for the FFL range varies from a minimum of $30 to about $3,000 for a period of three years. The most common is Type 1 and involves a fee amounting to $200.

Mail application package
Include complete ATF Form 7, the Fingerprint Identification Card, photograph and the fee. Send the package to the ATF office.

Firearm License

Provide an application copy to local CLEO
The initials CLEO stand for Chief Law Enforcement Officer and it could be the Sheriff or Chief of Police or its equivalent. You can drop it yourself or mail the application in.

Interview and receiving the license
After you send in your application, the information in it will be verified by the Federal Firearms License Center or FFLC. This authority runs a background check on every mentioned person in the form. Only if your background check gets cleared, it will be sent to the local ATF office.

Prepare for the interview
You will be interviewed by the Industry Operations Investigator or IOI. Make sure all application information is correct. The business premises must satisfy all ATF safety regulations.

Attend interview
The IOI will discuss with you in detail the federal, local, and state regulations. You must be with the IOI when the authority runs a fine comb through your application to ensure what you mentioned in the application form is correct. If the application gets approved, you will receive the FFL to your business premises.

Federal Background Check for Firearms!


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