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How to Find Someone's Birthday and Get them the Perfect Gift!

by Andy A.

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How to Discover a Person's Birthday

It comes by only once a year, and when it does, it is time to celebrate! Whether it's our birthday or the birthday of someone we know, there is something special about the day we were born, and celebrating birthdays is a tradition that has been around for centuries.

One of the best things about birthdays is getting the perfect gift from people we care about, but there are times where we are not really sure when is the birthday of people in our lives; when meeting new friends, going out with a new person, befriending a colleague, etc., you cannot know what their birthday is right of the bat. So, how can you find out when someone was born? And how can you get them the perfect gift when you do not know them very well? Read right here and find out some great tips!

Find Birthday

How Can I Find Someone's Birthday?

In case you forgot someone's birthday, or you don’t even know it, there are several ways that can help you find out when they were born. That way, you can get them a greeting card or send them a nice gift:

1. Search for their social media profiles – this is the first and most obvious method for searching for a person's birthday; by using social media, like Facebook, you can find out when someone's birthday is. It's the first reflex to have when you research people's birthdays. First of all, you will have to search for the person's profile before you look for their birthday in their personal information. There are cases where a lot of people share the same name, so make sure you find the right one. How? Enter as many options into the name search field as you can and rely on profile pictures and public information to find out your friend's birthday.

If, for instance, you are searching for Vicky Small who works in sales, don’t just type "Vicky Small," but "Vicky Small Sales." This search method will help you narrow down the search options and find the exact person you are searching for. After you find the person you are searching for, get into their social media profile and click "about," "bio" or any other available option. If you cannot find the person you are searching for, you can easily ask them to connect with you via social media and find out when their birthday is.

How to Find Someone's Birthday

2. Ask them directly – the direct approach is often the best, and if you want to find out about someone's birth date, you can simply ask them! Just make sure you don't do it out of the blue but work it into the conversation. You can lead the conversation to birthday traditions, birthday memories and other birthday stories that will end up with you asking, "when is your birthday anyway?". You could also pretend that you are looking for a gift for a close friend and search for ideas, ask her/him to help you and then you might also have a clue about their tastes and desires!

3. Use a people search engine – a background check directory/people search directory is another great way to look up people's birthdays. With Golookup, for instance, you can enter a person's name into a search directory and get valuable information about them, including their birth date. With this search directory, you will get access to public records that contain, among other things, birth certificates. The directory will perform all the searching for you, so you will get the birthdate you were searching for within minutes. In that way, you are sure not to be mistaken and also know about the birth year (which is not always the case on social media). This solution is ideal if, for example, you want to make a very personal note for your aunt or grandmother for her 70th birthday and show that you care for her.

4. Use search engines – if you are wondering how can you figure out someone's birthday, you can use a search engine, like Google. Much like with social media and background check sites, you need to enter the person's name into the search engine that you chose. Once you do, you will get many results of people who have the same name as the person that you are searching for. To narrow down the number of results, you need to enter additional information on the said person, like their occupation, the school they went to, etc. You can also use advanced search parameters, especially with Google, to narrow down the number of results even more, and find out when a person's birthday is.

How Can I Find Someone's Birthday

5. Ask the people in their lives – when meeting someone new, you usually also meet their friends and family members, especially if you are close enough to buy gifts to one another. So, to look up people's birthday, you can ask those people around and relatives when the birthday of the person is that you want to congratulate. But, when doing so, be careful that the person you are interested in doesn't know you are snooping around. Get a friend or a family member away from the pack and ask them when the birthday is. You can also ask them on social media sites or via text and ask them politely that they don't tell the said person you asked when his/her birthday is. They will most probably give you the answer and keep it a surprise. This way to look up people's birthdays is interesting if you are not connected with this person on social media or do not find birthday information on her or his public profile.

How to Get Someone the Perfect Gift?

Now that you answered the question of how can I find someone's birthday, you can start searching for the perfect gift for them! If you want to find for a gift the other wants or needs, here is how to get to:

Make a list – if you hang out with the person you want to buy a gift for, pay attention to what they are saying when you meet up; if they like certain products if they have a hobby if they say "I wish I had that!". People often blurt out things they want without noticing so keep your ears peeled. When you hear about something the other person wants, write it down after you split so won't forget what it was. Enter the info in your notes on your smartphone so that you will not need to bang your head trying to find a gift that can please when the time comes.

Finding Birthday

Be a little sneaky – if you want to find out what someone thinks about certain gifts, be a little sneaky. For instance, you can say that you bought your cousin or sibling a certain birthday gift, and ask for the person's honest opinion – in many cases, the person you are speaking with will reveal if the gift you described is something they would want for themselves, or if they would prefer something else, so pay attention. They can also give other directions and you can pick up on an idea and ask what were her/his most memorable birthday gift, etc.

Find out about their passions - learning about someone's centers of interest will give you great clues as to what type of present might truly please them. If someone has a favorite football club, a passion for hockey, or loves to collect cosmetic products, this gives you very useful indications on exactly what gifts to give them, narrowing the field of possibilities to what is genuinely relevant to them. 

Ask directly – if you want to be certain that you get someone the perfect gift, you can just ask them without playing games. Once again, work the subject into a conversation naturally, and ask what the person would consider the perfect gift, not only for birthdays but generally speaking. The direct approach will work in most cases, but keep in mind that it will destroy the element of surprise. You can also pretend that one of her/his relatives is looking for ideas, so you could help match her/his desires with the planned gifts.

Consider DIY or customized options - receiving a personalized or even handmade gift can make someone feel very special. It is touching to know that you spent the time adapting something to them or even spent the time to do it yourself. Examples of such good ideas can be a friendship mug, a bracelet or necklace with their name, a DIY candle or a DIY soap. All of the above would make for a one-of-a-kind birthday present to be remembered for years and shows that you truly care. 

Celebrating birthdays is always fun, and if you want to make someone's day special, find out when they were born and go on a hunt for the perfect gift! It is a great chance to make this day a remembered forever day. If you cannot remember every day of your life, you will most probably treasure a memorable and touching birthday until the end of your life.


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