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Finding an Old Friend: Best Tool to Find Old Friends

by Maria S.

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How to Find Old Friends

While we cannot choose the people in our family, we get to choose our friends, and maybe that is why they are so special to us. Our self-made family stands by our side during tough times, while we grow up, and sometimes it seems that no one understands us better than our friends.

As the years go by, we all grow up, and unfortunately, also grow apart from our friends; the phone calls become rare, texts are too far and in between, and before we know it, we completely lose contact with certain friends. Even after years apart, there are friends that we never forget and would love to reconnect with. If you lost touch with friends from your past and you want to track them down, these tips will help you in finding your friends, wherever they may be.

Find My Friend

Before you start your search, it’s important to gather as much information about the friend/s you want to find. Take a little notepad and during the next few days, write down everything you remember about the people you want to locate: their name, nickname, name of boyfriend (in case it's a woman and she might have gotten married), the college they went to, the name of their friends, the names of family members and any other detail that pops into your mind. Once you have the information written down, you can start the search by using the following methods:

Find an Old Friend

Social media and search engines

These two are the most obvious and often most helpful tools in tracking down people. If you want to find an old friend, you should start with Facebook and Google. When you enter these search directories, enter the full name of the person you are searching for, including their hometown, their state of residence, their occupation and any other detail you remember. Once you enter all the necessary information, you can start screening the results by looking at the images of the people you found.

Relatives and friends search

If you failed at finding old friends via social media or Google, you can do the next best thing and search for their relatives and friends. This is where the list of information you made can come in very handy; once you remember the names of friends and family of your old friend, you can search for them instead of the person you searched. By using Google, Facebook, and the methods we will discuss, you can locate the friends/relatives of your friend. If you track them down, contact the people you found and ask if they can provide you with information about your friend.

Finding Old Friend

Military service, alma mater, and business search

If you went to college with the friends you are searching for, or if you know where they went to school, you can look them up on alumni sites. in certain cases, you will be asked to pay for a membership to search for alumni, so keep that in mind when searching an old friend.

If the person you are searching for is a military buddy, you can use Buddy Finder to trach him/her down, and ZoomInfo is a great site for finding people who are in the business and corporate world.

People search directories

One of the best ways to find an old friend quickly and easily is by using a people search website, like GoLookUp. How does it work? You won't have to do much besides entering the name of the person you are searching for into the online directory available on GoLookUp. The name-based search engine will perform a quick query and will scan millions of public records within moments to track down the person you are searching for.

The public records search is accurate because it is based on official records gathered by official authorities, like health departments, so you can be sure it is accurate. When the search is complete, you will get an online report of the person you searched for that contains, among other things, the contact information of the said person. With this data, you will be able to contact your friend and easily rekindle your relationship.

Find My Friends

Finding old friends is always a great way to get in touch with our past and move on to the future with the people we love. Luckily, we live in a day and age where information is available to us whenever we desire, so you can look up your old friends when you want and get back in touch with the family you built for yourself.


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