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Use 'Find My iPhone' to Locate a Lost or Stolen Phone

by Garry S.

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Use 'Find My iPhone' to Locate a Lost or Stolen Phone

Picture this – you are in a restaurant, texting on your iPhone when the food arrives. You realize you’d like to visit the washroom before you dig in. You unmindfully leave the iPhone on the table and forget about it. When you go to check your phone after your meal, you realize it’s not on you anymore. You grow frantic at the thought of having lost your phone. What do you do?

“Find My iPhone”

Thankfully, Apple provides you with the “Find My iPhone” free iCloud service which enables you to track your phone when it’s been lost, misplaced or stolen. It utilizes your phone’s GPS and net connectivity so you can locate its whereabouts on a map. If you’ve misplaced it, it can play a sound so you can identify where you’ve kept it. If nothing, it can remotely erase your device data, so your private information is secure from the thief who stole your phone.

In order to find a lost/stolen phone via “Find My iPhone,” you must have the service already installed on your phone before its loss. If this was the case, you could head over to on a web browser. You can also install the “Find My iPhone” app on a different android device to track your lost/stolen phone.

Find my iPhone

How to use “Find My iPhone” to locate your phone

Below we list the steps that you need to follow in order to recover your lost iPhone using the “Find My iPhone” service –

  • Use the account you used to set up your “Find My iPhone” and log in to iCloud. The account is most probably the same one associated with your iTunes/Apple ID.
  • Browse through the web-based tools offered by iCloud and click on Find iPhone. “Find My iPhone” will be activated and locate all the devices that you have the service enabled on. It will display onscreen messages as it works.
  • You may have multiple devices set up for “Find My iPhone.” To avoid confusion, select All Devices from the top of the screen and click on the device you are looking for.
  • If the service is able to locate your device, a green dot on the map will indicate this to you. You can zoom into the map for a closer look and toggle between satellite, hybrid and standard modes same as Google Maps. A window to the right corner of your web browser will open when your phone has been found. It will notify you of the amount of battery left on your device and provide you with a couple of options on how to proceed from thereon.
Find iPhone
  • The Play Sound options make your phone ring out so you can find it if you’ve misplaced it nearby. It can also alert you if someone in the vicinity has picked up your phone and is denying it.
  • Use the Lost Mode to secure your phone by setting up a passcode to unlock your device’s screen. You may also type in a phone number or message for the person who has the phone to reach you. Do not use this in case of theft.
  • Click the Erase button to wipe all data from your phone. A prompt will come up asking you if you’re sure, select this. You can restore your data using backup later.
  • To track the real-time location of your phone, click on the rounded arrow in the pop-up box after you’ve clicked on the green dot. It will keep updating your phone’s location if it's on the move.

So, go ahead, install “Find My iPhone” on your iPhone now so you don’t need to worry about losing/misplacing it later.

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