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Find My iPhone User Guide

by Kelly B.

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How to Use “Find My iPhone” to Locate a Lost iPhone

The modern consumers are extremely dependent on their smartphone for a lot of their activities. It provides access to the internet, camera, multimedia such as videos and music, libraries, video games, and other services. Losing a smartphone in today's world is thus a crippling event. Recovering a lost or stolen smartphone is not an easy task. Added to this, is the possibility of the smartphone being turned off. Thankfully, iPhone users can rest easy as Apple provides a simple and quick method for tracking lost iPhones. iPhone users can also track their phones even it is turned off.

Apple provides a useful application known as Find My iPhone that is free and easy to set up and use. It is one among the most important applications on the iPhone and can also be used on an iPad, Apple Watch and a Mac. This way, Find my iPhone can keep track of all of the customer's Apple devices. Once Find my iPhone app has been set up, the iPhone will automatically connect to the app and begin transmitting its location. The user can then simply visit or access Find my iPhone from another iOS device to start tracking the lost phone.

Find My iPhone

Setting up Find my iPhone

On the Apple iPhone, go to the home screen and go to the settings application. Find the iCloud tab under your name. At the bottom of the iCloud option, you will find Find my iPhone feature. Slide the bar to the right to turn on Find my iPhone and transmit the last location. You may be asked to sign into your account to turn on Find my iPhone.

To track your iPhone from another iOS application, tap the Find my iPhone app in the applications section and log in with your Apple ID. Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a compass on the screen, and the word Locating appear on the screen. For better operation and accuracy of the app allow the Find my iPhone to know your location and turn on sending the last location. Once this has been having been done a map of the various Apple devices owned by you appears on the screen. Identify your lost device from the map and zoom in to know its exact location.

Find iPhone

Once you have located your device, tap on it to view more options. You can choose to playa a sound if the device is in your vicinity or you can put it on lost mode. Putting your iPhone on lost mode will lock it down and begin transmitting its live location. You can also choose to erase all your data on the phone remotely in case the phone is not found at all. This is done to prevent private and sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Once you have selected the right option, log out of Find my iPhone app and take the necessary steps.

Other methods of locating your iPhone

One of the most obvious ways of finding your lost iPhone is to ping it. You can drop a message or simply call the phone. If the phone is in your vicinity, then you will hear it, or if someone other than a thief has found your phone, they might be able to receive the call and help you out. Apple has also patented a technology that will allow iPhone users to find their phones even when it is turned off. This will allow the user to track the phone no matter what its condition unless the phone is destroyed.


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