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A Guide for Getting a Firearm License in Connecticut

by Garry S.

Firearm License Connecticut State, Connecticut State Firearms License

How to obtain a firearm license in the state of Connecticut

If you want to obtain a firearms license in Connecticut, it is essential to know a few things.

The Special Licensing and Firearms Unit is the unit that is responsible for issuing the state pistol permits. Residents who want to apply for a state pistol permit must first apply for and be granted a local pistol permit. Residents can obtain a local pistol permit from the police chief in the town where they live. Residents from other states can apply for a non-resident Connecticut State Pistol Permit. Non-residents apply directly to the Connecticut State Police, Special Licensing and Firearms Unit. The license is valid statewide for five years.

What are the requirements to apply for a firearm permit in Connecticut?

1. The applicants must be at least 21 years old and be a legal resident of the United States.

2. Residents of good character

Residents who are convicted of a felony or any one of 11 misdemeanor offenses detailed in the statute are prohibited from receiving a permit. People who are convicted as a delinquent for the commission of a serious juvenile offense are not eligible for a license.

3. Residents who have a sound mental state can apply

Firearm License Connecticut State

Residents confined in a hospital because of  psychiatric disabilities, and has been voluntarily admitted to a hospital are not eligible for a firearm license

4. Residents who have not been convicted of an alcohol or drug abuse

5. Residents who are lawfully living in the US are eligible.

Any person who is an alien or illegally or unlawfully residing in the United States, are prohibited from obtaining a pistol permit.

What is the cost of a firearm license?

It costs $70 to obtain a firearm permit. The license is valid for five years. The application paperwork may be received from a local police department, city or town hall or first selectman's office in the case of a local permit, or Permitting offices in the case of a state pistol permit.

How to apply for a firearm license

1. Apply for your permit
First, you can pick up your application from the Connecticut State Police department if you are a resident.

2. Documents you must carry when you submit your application

  • Two fingerprint cards
  • Proof of address, two copies of your birth certificate or passport
Connecticut State Firearms License

3. Firearms Training Certificate
If you are applying for a license, it is mandatory for you to complete a handgun safety course, which must consist of the NRA's "Basic Pistol Course."

4. Live fire is also a required certificate
People who are applying for a live fire certificate need to go through a live fire test, not a computer-generated program, dry-fire, plastic bullets, air guns or any other alternatives. Applicants must shoot with a semi-automatic pistol or revolver.

5. Background checks are mandatory
There will be a requirement for you to submit to a background check, criminal history check and you need to submit your fingerprints and photographs along with your application. There is a licensing statute with a “suitability clause” which states that the issuing authority has a right to deny an application if the applicant is not a suitable person to possess or carry firearms. The suitability clause applies to both the issuance of new permits and the cancellation of existing licenses. 

6. Proof of legal residency in the US
As an applicant, you must provide proof that you are legally and lawfully residing in the United States, with documents like a birth certificate, or Passport. Legal Alien Residents need to provide Alien Registration numbers and a 90-day proof of residency.

The issuing authority will review your application in eight weeks, within this time they will and approve or deny your application. A denial may be appealed to the Board of Firearm Permit Examiners as provided.


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