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A Guide for Getting a Firearm License in Hawaii

by Keren P.

Firearm License Hawaii, Hawaii Firearms License

How to Get a Firearm License in Hawaii

The second amendment to the US constitution gave its people the right to bear firearms. Reflecting on that ideology, Hawaii also allows its people to bear firearms. Any person above the age of 21 can buy a gun in Hawaii. However, they would require to get a permit.

Exceptions for Hawaii firearm license

A registration for firearms is not required if it has been acquired before July 1994. But a permit is required for those acquired between 1981-1994. Registration is also not required for loose black powder firearm, manufactured before 1899. However, permits are still required.

Eligibility for a firearm license in Hawaii

Any person above 21 years of age can apply for a license. But under certain circumstances, few individuals cannot get the license. Such conditions are the following

  • Such people are fugitives and running away from law
  • They come under prosecution or trail; they are known to have a felony, any crime of violence or illegal sale of any drug
Firearm License
  • A convicted felon with a history of any crime of violence or illegal sale of any drug
  • Undergoing treatment or counseling for addiction or have a history of considerable substance abuse
  • A person who was acquitted of a crime due to some mental disorder or related grounds
  • Diagnosed with a significant behavioral, emotional or mental disorder or for treatment for organic brain syndromes
  • A person who is below the age of 25 and have been considered by the family court to have committed a felony or violent sort and used drugs and firearm
  • Restrained by court order for abusive behavior

How to apply for a Hawaii gun permit

After you purchase the firearm, make sure you get the serial number. Followed by which you can apply for a Hawaii gun permit at the police station. A person who is 21 years of age and does not qualify for ineligibility should appear in person at the police station with the following documents

  • Valid photo identification.
  • Permit to acquire an application. Things like the Make, Model, Caliber, and various relevant details will be required
  • Must provide your seller’s name, address, and telephone number
  • Mental Health Waiver
  • Medical Information Waiver
  • Firearms Application/Questionnaire
  • License to Carry a Concealed Firearm Application
Hawaii Firearms License
  • A Rap back Fee $43.25 will be charged for any of permit applicants, firearms registration, out of state applicants, and law enforcement officers with personal firearms. Must be paid in the exact amount
  • Background check. (Background check includes, but is not limited to, local and national arrest history, warrant checks, local and national criminal history, local and national criminal convictions, any pending cases and TRO's.)
  • Must provide Hunters Education card in original or Handgun Safety Training Course Affidavit no photocopy will be allowed
  • Any documentation that endorses proof of U.S citizenship if born outside the United States. Like U.S. Passport, Naturalization Certificate, Born Abroad Birth Certificate will be accepted

Within 14 days of your application, you can expect to get your permit. After you receive your permit, you must register the firearm. It has to be done within five days of purchase or acquisition. To do so, follow these steps

  • Unload your firearm
  • Keep it in an open position
  • Carry it in an enclosed container

After the firearm is registered, the registration will remain valid till you sell or dispose of the firearm. Under exceptional circumstances when a person may fear injury or harm that can be done, the county police may grant the option to carry the firearm.

If you have moved to Hawaii, you need to register the firearm with the police station. For shotgun applicants, a certified NRA instructor or Hunter education course should be completed. Hawaii maintains strict rules for firearm possession.

Gun Background Check in State of Hawaii


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