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A Guide for Getting a Firearm License in Illinois

by Roni G.

Firearm License Illinois, Illinois Firearm License

How to Get a Firearm License in Illinois

The stare of Illinois has several new guns laws to ensure that they keep guns from getting into the wrong hands. The state allows the ownership of guns supported by a license or permit. However, gun owners are not allowed to carry a concealed firearm.

There are multiple steps involved in acquiring a gun license in Illinois. But, many cities in the state to ban handguns. So, it is necessary to know all the rules and regulations about owning guns in Illinois. Let's take a brief look at the process.

Necessary Documentation

You will first need to acquire the FOID or Firearm Owner Identification Card, which is issued by the Illinois State Police. Or, you will have to apply for an IL Concealed Carry License. You can apply for the FOID at

Apart from the FOID, you will have to provide your State ID or current Driver’s License, issued by the state of Illinois. Also, your FOID, CCL, or driver’s license must have the current address printed on it.

For those who are not US citizens, a permanent resident card will have to be submitted.

Firearm License


You will have to fill out the Federal Form 4473. This is a form that’s filled out by everyone who is planning to purchase or transfer a firearm. Most sellers will provide the form.

Apart from form 4473, gun stores usually require a minimum deposit. Some stores will even enforce a non-refundable re-stocking fee for canceling sales.

The entire paperwork process usually takes about 10 minutes.

Waiting Period & Background Checks

The state of Illinois needs around 72 hours to validate a firearm purchase. The waiting period begins once the background check is submitted.

Now, the gun can only be purchased after the FOID card and acceptance is received. The minimum age for purchasing a gun is 21. Though people below the age of 21 can make a purchase, they will need the consent of their parent or guardian.

Also, background checks are usually conducted when the application for FOID is sent in. However, there is a chance that they may ask for another one just before you purchase the firearm. When the buyer goes to collect the firearm, they must show their ID and sign form 4473 along with the final register receipt.

The state expects firearm owners to retain these receipts for 10 years, at the very least, from the date of purchase.

Illinois Firearm License

Transporting Firearm

There are rules concerning how a firearm should be transported. Make sure you visit this link to know more about it -

Straw Purchase

A Straw Purchase is where one person buys a firearm for a person who is legally prohibited from buying one. This is an illegal activity and is punishable under federal law. We suggest you do some research concerning this matter and learn more about it.

Legally Accepted Firearms

The type of firearms accepted in Illinois vary from city to city. However, in general, fully-automatic weapons are banned. They are allowed for law enforcement only. In the case of private ownership, a special license will have to be acquired via the federal government.

There are no official provisions for the registration of firearms. However, some communities have their own processes.

Illinois Gun Training

You are not required by the state to have any formal training to buy a firearm. 

So, there you have it – these are the general rules to be followed when purchasing a firearm in Illinois. For more info, talk to the authorities or other experts.

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