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A Guide for Getting a Kentucky Gun License

by Roni G.

Firearm License Kentucky State, Kentucky State Firearms License

How to Obtain a Gun License in the State of Kentucky

Kentucky is a free state, which means that all its residents are eligible for purchasing a firearm. It does not require you to have a license to buy a handgun in Kentucky. Even though there are no state laws that govern the purchase of a gun, federal law still applies.

Purchasing a handgun in Kentucky

Anyone who wishes to buy a handgun can do so in Kentucky, so long as they follow the federal requirements and laws regarding the purchase of a handgun.


- The resident must be 21 years old or older

- The applicant must provide an identification card like his/her driving license or any other government-issued ID.

- A licensed firearm dealer must perform an instant background check before you purchase a handgun.

Kentucky State Firearms License
Most stores are federally licensed. Hence you need to fit into these requirements. However, other situations prohibit certain residents from purchasing a handgun. Here are some of the residents who are prohibited from purchasing a handgun:

  • Residents who are convicted of a crime and punishable by imprisonment for over a year
  • The applicant is a fugitive from the law
  • Residents who have abused drugs and alcohol
  • Residents who have been committed to a mental institution or deemed mentally unstable
  • The applicant is an illegal alien
  • If the resident has been dishonorably discharged from the Armed forces
  • If the residents are a convict of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence
How to apply for a concealed handgun license in Kentucky

The state police are well within their rights to issue or deny a permit within 15 days after they receive the application. Residents of Kentucky can collect or obtain their license by filling up an online form.

1. Complete a firearm training course
It is mandatory for a resident applicant to complete this firearm safety course before applying for a concealed handgun permit. The Department of Criminal Justice Training provides the training course. It costs 75 dollars to do the course and receive a certificate.

Firearm License Kentucky State
2. Complete the license application
After you complete the training course and receive a certificate, you can either visit your local sheriff’s office and pick up the application or go online to complete your application form.

3. Provide copies of your legal documents
If you are going to apply in person make sure you carry copies of your training certificate, your driver’s license and your passport size photo. If you are applying online, you can submit these documents in the form of a PDF. You need to have a user account on the site before you apply for the license.

4. Cost of the license
There is a fee of $50 if you submit your application online and an additional $20 when you go to obtain your license from the sheriff’s office.

5. Background checks and more
You will be subject to a background check which will be performed within 15 working days. You must include a Citizenship affidavit along with your application.

After you submit your application online or to the Sheriff’s office, the police department of Kentucky state will conduct a background check. Your License will be issued within 90 days from the day of submitting your license. They have the right to issue or deny your application. If you are issued a license, you will receive a mail that will contain all the information including your permit.

Is Kentucky an open carry state?

Open carry is usually allowed in Kentucky, with exceptions, like courthouses and police stations.  Of course, if you’re out somewhere and no one else is open carrying, you might want to rethink carrying your gun hanging on your hip and all the unwanted attention you might be attracting.


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