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A Guide for Getting a Firearm License in New Hampshire

by Eddie V.

Firearm License, Firearm License New Hampshire

How to get a Firearm Licence in New Hampshire

What is a Firearm Licence?

Most individuals have dreamed of owning a Firearm or following a career path that allows them to carry one. This fantasy you have of owning a gun is easy to imagine but not so easy to manifest into reality. Procuring a gun license in most countries and cities is not so simple, though there are exceptions. A Firearm Licence is issued by a government authority of a particular jurisdiction.  The license comes with some conditions regarding firearm safety courses, background checks, storage requirements and carries requirements.

Firearms licenses legally allow you to do various things with your firearm depending on the type of license, the jurisdiction and the type of firearm you are permitted to carry, as many licenses come with conditions regarding what kind of firearm you are legally allowed to carry and how you are permitted to carry it; open-carry, concealed-carry. Some countries and states follow a Constitutional-carry practice; this means that an individual requires no license to open-carry or concealed-carry a firearm, though this too comes with restrictions and limitations of its own; one such state is New Hampshire.

Firearm License

How to Obtain a Firearm Licence in New Hampshire

A firearm license in New Hampshire is issued by the local Mayor or the police department. They issue licenses for residents and non-residents, at the cost of $10 for the former and $100 for the later. The state of New Hampshire is extremely liberal concerning its gun laws.

Being a Constitutional-carry state, there is no license necessarily required to concealed-carry or open-carry a firearm, though licenses are still issued due to purposes concerning reciprocity with other states. Another fascinating and surprising gun law in New Hampshire is that there is no minimum age limit to possess a firearm. Although, federal age restrictions are still imposed, so New Hampshire restricts anyone from selling or transferring a handgun to an individual below the age of 18 and ammunition to anyone below the age of 16 unless it is directly transferred to your child or grandchild.

Rules and Laws to Remember for Firearm Owners in New Hampshire

New Hampshire may be a constitutional-carry state, that does not mean it is flawless when it comes to guns, and no city, state, or country hands out weapons to its residents without imposing a few rules, here are some things to remember for Gun owners in New Hampshire:

  • There is no state permit required for the purchase of long guns or handguns, anyone above the federal age restrictions is eligible for the purchase and open-carry or concealed-carry of a firearm.

  • Registration of a long gun or handgun is not required in the state of New Hampshire.

Firearm License New Hampshire
  • There is no restricting the magazine size of a long gun or handgun in New Hampshire.

  • No owner license is required for long guns and handguns.

  • Since New Hampshire is a Constitutional-carry state, no license is required for concealed-carry or open-carry of a handgun.

  • Loaded firearms cannot be carried in a concealed manner on oneself or in a vehicle of any sort.

  • An individual may obtain a license from the chief of police for any other form of concealment if an appropriate purpose has been stated, and the individual applying for the license has been deemed “suitable” for the license. A proper or appropriate reason may be target shooting, hunting, fear of danger to one’s life or danger to property.

  • An application for a license for any other kind of concealment may be denied if the individual is deemed insane or addicted to drugs and alcohol.


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