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A Guide for Getting a Firearm License in North Carolina

by Toni S.

Firearm License North Carolina, North Carolina Firearms License

How to Get a Gun License in North Carolina

In North Carolina, you need a permit to buy a handgun and not for long guns, which are rifles or shotguns. The gun laws in North Carolina require a person to have a permit to buy, sell, give away, transfer, or receive a pistol or handgun. If you want to carry a concealed gun, you have to apply for a separate concealed handgun permit. However, before you apply for a license to purchase, make sure that you meet the qualifications.

1. Residential qualification
You must be at least 18 years or older, and you must be a resident of that county for at least 30 days. You also need to have your North Carolina Driver’s License or ID for proof of residence.

2. Further requirements
You must not be a convicted felon or deemed incompetent due to mental illness. You can’t obtain a permit if you’ve ever been committed to a mental institution.

Firearm License

Gun Permit Application in North Carolina

If you want to apply for a permit to purchase guns or firearms, follow the following steps.

1. Apply for the license

You can apply for the license online or in person at your local county sheriff's office. Fill out the application with all your details and required information on the website or in the Sheriff's office. You can sign the form with your initials, and you will be charged $5 for your permit and a $3 convenience fee.  You will need to print the release after you submit the application online and get it notarized. At the sheriff's office, you will receive a release of a court order form to be notarized.

2. Get your release form notarized

You can do this by visiting your post office, bank or even your local city hall. Don’t forget to carry a valid identification proof, like your driver’s license or ID card. The notary will seal the document with a stamp and act as a witness to your signature on the form.

3. Re-apply

Within five business days, you need to take the release form and submit it to the county sheriff’s office for your application to be processed.

North Carolina Firearms License

4. Pick up your license

You can pick up your license within 28 days, depending on which county you apply to, it may take 14 to 30 days to process your application. You will receive a letter or an email that will notify you whether your permit request has been approved. You can go and pick it up whenever you receive a notification.

However, if your application does get rejected, you need to submit a typed or written petition to the Superior Court judge, and the processing fee costs $200.

How to apply for a concealed handgun permit in North Carolina?

1. Meet the requirements
You need to meet the same requirements as a permit for purchase, but you need to be 21 years or older to do so.

2. Take up a firearms and safety course
You need to complete the course that has been approved by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Standards Commission. You can find the courses online or in the yellow pages. If you are a law enforcement officer or an officer who has retired in the last year or two, you need to not take this course.

3. Fill up and submit your application
Fill in the required details and submit your application to the County Sheriff’s office and pay the application fee of $90.

4. Obtain a set of fingerprints.
You can do so by paying a fee of $10 and find a City-County Bureau of Identification agent to get a set of fingerprints.

5. Pick up your permit
It takes 45 days to process your application before you receive a notification of approval or denial.


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