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A Guide for Getting a Firearm License in Oklahoma

by Rick J.

Firearm License Oklahoma State, Oklahoma State Firearms License

How to Obtain a Firearm License in Oklahoma

If you want to obtain a firearm in Oklahoma, there are a few laws that you need to keep in mind. Purchasing a handgun or rifle doesn’t require you to have a license or permit in the state of Oklahoma. Any resident of Oklahoma can possess a gun and carry it openly. There is no minimum age to buying a rifle or a shotgun.

Purchasing a firearm in Oklahoma
Even though there are no permits or licenses required by the state, to buy a handgun, Federal laws still apply. According to the Federal government, there are a few requirements necessary before you purchase a firearm.

The requirements include

- You need to be 21 years old or older to purchase a firearm.

- You need to provide government-issued identification such as your driver’s license

- A background check is mandatory

These are the requirements you need to fit when you purchase a firearm at a licensed gun store. You can also buy a handgun from an individual through a private sale that doesn't require any background checks. You’ll have to provide your ID, and you have to be older than 21 years.

Firearm License Oklahoma State

Residents who are prohibited from purchasing a firearm in Oklahoma are

- If a person has been convicted of a crime that is punishable by imprisonment.

- A person who is running from the law

- A person who is addicted and abuses the use of alcohol and drugs

- An illegal alien

- A resident who has been deemed mentally unstable and who has been involuntarily committed to a mental institution.

- A person who has been dishonorably discharged from the armed forces.

- A person who is convicted of a misdemeanor crime or domestic violence.

How to apply for a concealed handgun license in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is authorized to provide a grant to an eligible person to carry a firearm, whether it is a concealed or unconcealed handgun. The authority of the Bureau shall be limited to the regulations contained explicitly in the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act. The rules, forms, and procedures are necessary to implement the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act.

Oklahoma State Firearms License

To apply for a concealed handgun license in Oklahoma

  • First, you need to go through the Oklahoma Self Defense Act.
  • It is mandatory that you complete the firearm’s safety class or obtain an exemption.
  • You can download the application form online or pick it up at your local sheriff's office.
  • Documents required while applying are
  • Firearms training certificate of completion
  • Two passport size photos
  • The completed application with all the required details filled out
  • Your driver's license or state ID card
  • Take the form, pictures, your driver's license or state ID card and training certificate to the Sheriff's office in the county you reside in. The Sheriff will take your fingerprints. You will get a notification by mail if your application is approved.

You can check your application status and sheriffs have 14 days to submit completed applications to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. It has 60-90 days to process your applications completely.

How does reciprocity work in Oklahoma

The states that have honored Oklahoma's handgun permits and each state regulate firearms law differently, and there is no obligation for one country to inform another of any changes to its law; therefore, we suggest that you verify this information before travel.

Places where you can openly carry firearms

  • In State parks and not in buildings
  • You can carry your firearm in state and national forests
  • You can carry your gun along roadside rest stop areas
  • You can store your firearm in your vehicle
  • You can carry your firearm at any property set aside for the use or parking of any vehicle


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