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A Guide for Getting a Firearm License in Utah

by Garry S.

Firearm License Utah State, Utah State Firearms License

How to Obtain a Utah firearms License

If you want to carry a firearm in the state of Utah, you need to apply for a firearm license and submit the appropriate documents as well as fit the criteria to own a firearm. Gun laws are regarded as permissive, but a permit is necessary to carry a concealed firearm.

The concealed firearm permit in Utah is valid for five years. Residents and out of state residents can be issued with a license.

Here’s how you apply for a gun license in Utah

1. Apply online or in person

You can apply for the firearm license and address it to the Utah Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Criminal Identification, 3888 West 5400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84118, 801-965-4445. You can also opt to submit your application in person, from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening at the Utah Department of Public Safety.

2. Cost of a Utah firearms license

The fee for the application for a firearm permit is $52 for residents of Utah and $62 for non-residents, which is non-refundable. You can either pay in cash or by checks made payable to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification.

Firearm License Utah State

3. Make sure you fit the requirement

Here’s a list of criteria to apply for a firearm license in Utah
  • The resident should be 21 years old or older.
  • The resident must have a clean criminal record, which is to say that the resident has not been convicted of any offense such as a crime of violence, unlawful use of narcotics/alcohol, domestic violence.
  • The resident should be of sound mental state and have no record of being mentally incompetent or a history of being committed in a mental institution.
4. Be sure to carry along the required documents when you submit the form
  • Proof of address, which is included in your driver’s license or government-issued license
  • A recent passport photograph
  • A fingerprint card, with all the details, filled out completely. The card must be legible and clear.
  • Non-resident must submit a copy of your permit that has reciprocity with Utah along with your application.
5. Complete a weapon familiarity certification

The resident must complete a firearm familiarity course and submit proof with a certificate issued by the BCI, Bureau of Criminal Identification. The applicant must complete the course before applying. The course involves 4-5 hour classes.

6. A criminal background check is mandatory

There is a criminal background check that is carried out for every applicant who applies for a firearm license in Utah

By the Utah statute, Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation has sixty days to process your license from the time they receive your application although it rarely takes that long. They officially start to process your application when they process your payment.

Utah State Firearms License

How does reciprocity work in Utah?

It is stated that the state of Utah will honor all other state permits.

Thirty-six states in the United States acknowledge the standard Utah CCW permit. Six of these states will only honor a Utah residential permit.

Nineteen states will not honor the Utah Provisional permit.

Places where open gun carry is prohibited

- A courthouse

- Secure areas in which firearms are prohibited

- Mental health facilities

- Men/women correctional facility

- Any religious house of worship that has given notice firearms are not permitted

- Protected areas of the airport

- Any place that the Federal law prohibits the carrying of weapons

With a Utah concealed carry license you can openly carry a fully loaded gun anywhere in Utah that is not listed in the prohibited section. When residents open carry a firearm, the places listed as Off-limits still apply.


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