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What is the Flipp Grocery App?

by Eddie V.

Flipp Grocery, Flipp Grocery App

Flipp Grocery Coupons Website Review

Grocery shopping is a part of every-day life. No groceries will lead to a lack of food and essential household equipment. Without facilities deemed necessary by modern-day society, such as food, toiletries, cleaning equipment, etc., life would come to a standstill and the economy would stop progressing.

One enduring tradition that has lasted when it comes to shopping for groceries is the continued existence of big and small grocery stores in every neighborhood, often offering great deals and coupons. Despite many of the advantages that smartphones and home deliveries have brought in its wake, local grocery stores continue to be an essential part of local economies.

However, the world has grown busier. People today spend more time working, more time isolated and are busier than ever before. Hustling every day leaves very little time to visit grocery stores and take advantage of the best deals. There is just enough time to stock up on the basics, and many people find that by the time they discover a deal that they like, there is no time to make use of it anymore.

Flipp Grocery

The Flipp Grocery coupons App flips this game on its head by collecting and collating under one platform all the nifty deals that grocery shops in a given area are promoting at the time. Users can have access to weekly ads that let them know what is available, what is becoming available and the price ranges of various products. They can locate and clip deals on the app itself, be notified of new goods and offers and enjoy effortless grocery shopping from the comfort of their homes.

What makes the Flipp Grocery Coupons app so convenient?

The Flipp Grocery App brings to users all the information they could need on what is available and the best deals in their area. But that is not all it does. With Flipp, you can also:

  • Clip and Store: Flipp Grocery coupons app provides users with a useful and nifty feature – the ability to ‘clip’ any item they like for easy access later. If a user likes a particular product and wants to save it to a digital clipboard so they could locate it easily later for purchase, then Flipp Grocery coupons app presents the perfect solution in the form of a digital grocery list that can be accessed through the app. Users have to tap their screen, and a yellow circle will form around their item of choice. If they keep their fingers pressed on the product for longer, then they can access details such as the purchase price, descriptions as well as buttons for sharing on social media. Flipp’s clipping feature gathers all your choices under one centralized location, grouped into stores of from where the selection was made.
Flipp Grocery App
  • Budget Buddy: If user shops within a budget and want to look at only those items that they can afford, then Flipp Grocery coupons app has them covered. At the bottom of the app, the screen is a percentage slider. Users can shift the slider around to signify what their budget is and the app will only show those products that fit into the user's budget.
  • Grocery Lists: Flipp Grocery coupons app lets users create their grocery shopping lists within the app, and it provides a handy feature in addition to that. When users look for an item to add to the list, the app will also display various offers on that item from different grocery stores in the area. Users can select the deal they want and make an informed financial decision when choosing which offer they want.

The Flipp Grocery App makes shopping convenient, resourceful and economical. Users can look through all the best deals in their area and select what they want, within their price range. Instead of users having to hunt for the best deals and coupons, the Flipp Grocery App brings the best deals directly to every user.

Flipp Coupons Reviews

Flipp Coupons Reviews

Most Flipp coupons reviews are very good, and people who have tried the app said it makes their lives easier. Some people had these to say in their Flipp coupons reviews on the popular Amazon site:

- "This app has pretty much replaced the entire Sunday paper. I get all my favorite flyers in one spot and not killing a tree. I like how you can circle/highlight an item you are interested in. If it wasn't for the Sunday coupons, I would no longer need the paper for flyers/sales or news"

- "love this app, I use it everwhere I go shopping. makes it easy to keep track of sales for all my couponing trips for easy price match. it even shows when an ad has expired that's in your clippings. very easy to use and very appealing to the eye!"

- "This is a really good app. All the major stores are on the app. Retail and grocery stores are listed. I requested two stores that were not on the app and within a few days I received an email telling me they were added. I no longer rush out to get the Wednesday newspaper so that I can find out what is on sale for the upcoming week. This is really going to be handy during the holidays. You can print or just use the app while shopping."


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