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Best Health Insurance Companies in Florida

by Eddie V.

Health Insurance Florida, Florida Health Insurance

What are the Best Health Insurance Options in Florida?

Did you know that Florida has got the reputation of being a state with the highest number of its inhabitants enrolling through the exchange of the federal system? The year 2018 saw about 11.7 million countrymen enrolling themselves through Out of this massive figure, 14.6 percent or 1.7 million people were residents of Florida.

According to a study last year, the people of Florida had six major insurance companies to choose from. In 2019, one more insurer joined the fray, thus offering one more new alternative to the Floridians to buy their health insurance. The new entrant in 2019 will be known as Oscar Insurance. Apart from these choices, a couple of other insurance companies will offer coverage just off the exchange of the federal system. 

Check out the major choices for individual health insurance coverage in 2019, if you are a Floridian:

1. AvMed Inc
It is an HMO plan, which is offered only off the federal exchange. Individuals have to pay an estimated monthly premium of 721 USD per person.

2. Ambetter (Celtic)
Ambetter is available off and on the country’s federal exchange and is EPO network coverage. An individual has a pay about 606 USD as his/her monthly premium.

Health Insurance Florida

3. Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company
Available just off the country’s federal exchange, this HMO plan can cost an estimated monthly premium of 710 USD per person, which is an increase by about 10 percent.

4. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
An EPO network, BCBS is also available off and on the nation’s federal exchange. The estimated monthly premium per person is 685 USD per person in 2019.

5. Florida Health Care Plan Inc.
An HMO network, this subsidiary insurer of Florida Blue is available off and on the federal exchange. An estimated monthly premium of 593 USD should be borne by per individual in 2019.
6. Florida Blue HMO
Meanwhile, Health Options or Florida Blue HMO is also available off, as well as, on the federal exchange. The cost of the monthly premium per person will be now 616 USD, which is an increase of 7.2 percent.

7. Molina Healthcare Florida
An HMO plan, Molina is available for the Floridians both off and on the federal exchange. The good news for you is that there has been a decrease in premiums by 1.5 percent. So, on an average, an individual has to pay just 560 USD per individual as their monthly premium.

Florida Health Insurance
8. Health First Health Plans
An HMO plan, Health First is available for Florida’s residents off and on the federal exchange. The premium cost is likely to go up in 2019 as per person has to pay about 657 USD, which is an increase of 9.8 percent from 2018.

9. Oscar Health
Oscar Health is loved for some reasons in Florida. Firstly, the premiums are affordably priced and secondly because it is labeled as an insurer and a technology company both. The insurance company creates personalized insurance products for its customers. An EPO plan, Oscar is available off and on the federal exchange.

Some affordable health insurance choices in Florida

Major medical insurance products may not be the most appropriate alternative for everybody. However, there are some more reasonably priced alternatives vis-à-vis the traditional insurance products for the inhabitants of Florida, which are as follows;

1. United Health One
The affordable alternative provides tremendous flexibility if one wants to purchase short term health coverage.

2. Pivot short term plans
It offers medical insurance solutions for the short term until one opts for a qualified major health coverage plan. These plans are renewable 90-day plans and can be renewed automatically in a majority of the states.


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