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17 Craziest Laws in Florida

by Rachel M.

Craziest Laws in Florida, Craziest Florida Laws

Florida Crazy Laws

Florida probably has one of the most leisurely reputations in the country, which is no wonder considering the state has the largest number of gulf courses out of any state. Combined with its gators, delicious produce, and eternal sunshine, Florida is also home to some pretty quirky laws. When you get to the state, you better know the following weird Florida laws so you don’t break them. And don't forget to enjoy a cold glass of fresh orange juice and some fresh watermelon slices!

Weirdest Florida Laws

Women cannot fall asleep while under a hairdryer

There is nothing more relaxing than a nice shampoo, followed by a haircut. But you ladies out there better be careful not to get too relaxed when you are in a Florida salon. Falling asleep under one will get you fined or worse!

It is illegal to keep couches on outdoor carports

If you happen to get to the city of Cape Coral, you will not see any couches lying around under outdoor carports. It is illegal in the city, and those who break the law can be fined a $50 ticket.

You are legally obliged to pay a meter if you tie your elephant/alligator/goat

Setting aside the strange choice of pets, we are pretty sure that if you tie one of these animals to a parking meter – they can successfully escape. So be careful on where you tie your pert elephant!

Craziest Laws in Florida

It is illegal to push a barrel down the street

The city of Pensacola prohibits anyone from rolling barrels down the street. Breaking the law will lead to a find that will be based on the content of the barrel.

Men cannot wear strapless dresses in public

We are not sure why strapless dresses specifically are prohibited in public, but you fellas can relax. There is no law in Florida that prohibits men from wearing other dresses in public.

All doors must open outward

Whenever you enter a public building in Florida, you will notice that they have one thing in common; all of them open outward. It's the law!

Gossip is illegal

Heard a juicy rumor about a neighbor in Oakland? You better think twice before you gossip about it with other people. It is illegal to exchange gossip in Oakland.

Craziest Florida Laws

It is illegal to imitate animals

If you want to do your bird impressions, best do it outside of Florida. The sunny state made it illegal to imitate animals of any kind.

You cannot sing while wearing a swimsuit

Hanging out at the beach or by the pool cannot be followed by singing in Florida. It is illegal to sing while wearing any type of swimwear!

Stealing horses is punishable by death

Wait, what??? Yes, Florida still has a law that stipulates those who still horses can be hung. Hopefully, there are more lenient punishments in the state by now.

Pregnant pigs will not be locked up in cages

Congrats! If you have little piggies on the way, then you are in for a treat. Just make sure the pregnant mama is not locked in a cage during gustation. It is illegal in Florida.

It is illegal to sell one's children

Yes, we know that kids can be a handful sometimes. However, if you are thinking about selling your little ones when they are out of line – think again. It is illegal to sell kids in Florida. Thank goodness.

Riding skateboards requires a license

Driving a car is not the only form of transportation that requires a license; those who want to shred on their skateboards can only do so with an appropriate license.

Crazy Laws

 It is illegal to sell oranges in the streets

How does a state that is famous for its oranges even make this law? We are not sure, but those who sell oranges on the streets of Florida are lawbreakers.

You cannot park unused cars in your parking

Well, shoot… If you get to Daytona Beach, Florida, do not keep unused vehicles on your property. It is against the law.

Unmarried women cannot parachute on Sundays

This law applies to the state in its entirety; women who are still unmarried are legally prohibited from parachuting on a Sunday. Breaking this law can lead to arrest, fine, and even jail time!

It is illegal to have sexual relations with porcupines

Oh no… this one is a big surprise, and hopefully, it is more of a color law and not one that is based on true events. Ouch.

Florida is certainly a unique state, and those who get to it can enjoy sunny days and palm trees. To make your stay in Florida as enjoyable as possible, make sure you do not break any of its laws, no matter how strange they may seem, and you are guaranteed to have a great time.


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