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Florida Employment Law Explained in Full

by Keren P.

Florida Employment Law, Florida Employment Laws

Florida Employment Laws: What are Employment Laws in Florida

In case you are an employee of Florida, it is imperative for you to be aware of the employment laws of the state, as well as, the federal government. These employment laws protect the rights of employees at workplaces. It is compulsory for employers to adhere to these employment laws in different phases of the employment relationship starting from recruitment until they leave the company. Such laws need employers in the state to pay for overtime, offer the right of taking leaves to eligible employees, and prohibit discrimination among others.

Laws prohibiting harassment and discrimination at the workplace in Florida

  • Any employer in Florida should not make any job decisions by national origin, gender including pregnancy, religion, color, and race.
  • There are other laws that also restrict differentiation from the age of employee if they are at least 40-year-old, genetic information or any kind of disability.
  • Employers with a minimum of 15 employees have to comply with these laws. As far as age discrimination is concerned, employees should have a minimum of 20 employees to comply with such law and
  • An employer should not differentiate at any stage of their employment relationship ranging from hiring to the job posting and interview questions to firing, discipline, time off, pay and employee benefits
Florida Employment Law

Employee laws in Florida protect its employees from any kind of discrimination listed above along with by marital status and sickle cell trait.

Harassment at the workplace is a kind of discrimination. Additionally, it is not legal under the discrimination laws of the state. Harassment is typically defined as undesirable actions or comments by characteristics such as disability or sex, which can create an offensive or hostile working environment, which a victim has to tolerate as a part of his/her employment.

On the other hand, sexual harassment is frequently defined as a form of undesirable touching, unwanted advances, pornography, and sexual comments and so on. It is the most widely prevalent form of harassment. However, harassment can also be based on factors such as age or race.

In case an employee complains about discrimination or harassment at the workplace, he/she is offered protection against retaliation. It means the person’s employer may not take any kind of negative steps such as fire or discipline that employee just because the latter complained to a government agency, filed a lawsuit, or approaches the HR department of that company.

Florida Employment Laws

Florida hour and wage laws

The state of Florida has defined rules for wage & hour, overtime, and minimum wage among others. It is imperative for the employees to pay their workers the highest applicable minimum wages out of those set by local, state, or federal law.  Employers in Florida should pay 1.5 times to their employees in case they have worked for more than forty hours in any week. However, all employees are not eligible to get overtime. In case an employee belongs to the category of exception cases of overtime laws such as a salaried employee, they are regarded as exempt employees meaning that they are not qualified for overtime.

Florida workplace safety

In Florida, an employee has the right to work in a safe workplace, which is devoid of known dangers. The state’s employers should provide healthy and safe working conditions. Also, they need to conduct the safety training needed specifically for their industry. It is not legal for employers to take any kind of disciplinary action or retaliate against any worker who has complained of hazardous or unsafe conditions at their workplace.


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