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Best Font Download Websites You Will Love!

by Toni S.

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Best Websites to Download Fonts

Font typography is a big part of design today. From online journals to magazines, blogs to memes – the kind of font the creator uses in their work. Consider how certain fonts go on to define whole genres of writing. The best example of this is ‘Sans Serif’ and its widespread use in magazine publications.

It is by now an open secret that the ‘Sans Serif’ font tends to make text passages look sleek and professional, making it exactly the kind of font that publication houses love to design with and printing houses love to print with. 
Similarly, anyone over the age of thirteen that uses the font ‘Comic Sans' will receive odd looks unless the design is exceptionally brilliant. ‘Comic Sans' is not a professional looking font, and people tend to agree with this.

While some of the most commonly used fonts come pre-installed with various software, creative talents have expanded the repertoire of readily available fonts to encompass new typographic styles. Many of these are available for free, many of these need to be purchased and others can be used for free unless there are commercial purposes involved. All these fonts can be located online.

Which are the best websites to download fonts?

The New York Times published an article in 2012 that showcased how people interact with fonts. In a study conducted by Errol Morris, he found that people did, in fact, respond to fonts, either intentionally or unintentionally. In his research, he found that when the information was presented using the ‘’Baskerville’ font, people tended to agree with it. The font that led to most people disagreeing with a piece of information was ‘Çomic Sans.'

Given how much power fonts have over people whether they are aware of it or not, a smart designer makes use of both old and new fonts available on the internet. But which are the best websites to locate fonts?

 Font Websites

Font Squirrel

One of the best places to get fonts both for free as well as for commercial use, this resource is a designer's favorite destination. The website design makes it simple for users to browse through different fonts as well as download them with a single click in the form of a zip file. For users who are looking to invest in fonts, Font Squirrel offers up a list of fonts at a meager cost. Best of all, this resource can help you identify an existing font. If you have forgotten what font is called or want to find out the name of a font you have come across, this website can help you. All you have to do is upload an image of the font in question and the website will take care of the rest.

Font Squirrel

Google Fonts

Meet a designer’s best friend when it comes to free fonts in the styles of serif,  sans serif, monospace or the style of handwriting. More importantly, the fonts are available in more than 135 languages! All the fonts on Google Fonts are open sources meaning that you can even use them for commercial use without fearing any legal problems.

Google Fonts

Font Space

A one-stop resource with more than 30,000 fonts available, this website has both free as well as commercial fonts. Aside from having one of the biggest databases of fonts sourced from over two thousand designers, the user-friendly interface of the website makes both navigation and downloads easy.

Font Space

Abstract Fonts

If you are someone who is looking for interesting and quirky fonts, perhaps for a personal project, then this website is perfect for you. The fonts are divided into specific categories and new fonts are always being added to the website. The site contains both, as well as free fonts and users, will find that navigating this website is very easy.

Abstract Fonts

With the fonts you can access from these resources, you probably will not have to look for any new places to locate fonts for a while.


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