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Fort Lauderdale Police Department: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Ethel M.

Fort Lauderdale Police Departments, Fort Lauderdale Police Department

Fort Lauderdale Police Department Information

The Fort Lauderdale Police Station first came into being in 1911, when the first constable was hired at a salary of $40 per month, alongside an additional $1 for every arrest that was made. The department today has 515 sworn police officers alongside an additional 195 non-sworn support employees, all working together to maintain law and order in Fort Lauderdale.

How is the Fort Lauderdale Police Department Run and Maintained?

The City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department has various divisions working inside the headquarters, that ensure that every aspect of maintaining law and order is carefully handled by the different branches. The biggest of these departments is the Operations Bureau, where at least 427 employees, both sworn and non-sworn, work. This department is headed by the Chief of Police, who at the current time is Rick Maglione. He became the Chief of Police in 2016.

Under his supervision comes the Assistant Chief, followed by the Major, five Captains, nine Shift Lieutenants, 39 sergeants, 298 sworn officers, 35 employees serving as public service aides, and 39 employees operating as support staff. This department mainly handles the patrols, the dispatched as well as providing police services 24x7 to everyone present in Fort Lauderdale. The department has divided its jurisdiction in Fort Lauderdale into three districts. There are varying numbers of officers assigned to these districts, depending on the general rate of crime in a district, how many people are present in it, as well as how many officers would be required to properly maintain law and order in the district.
Fort Lauderdale Police Departments

The second major department within the Fort Lauderdale Police is the Investigative Bureau. This bureau contains special crimes units. There are three major divisions within this bureau, and these include the Criminal Investigation Division, the Special Investigation Division, and the Street Crimes Division. The Investigative Bureau handles scenarios related to homicides, narcotics, street crimes and more through its various divisions.

The third major department is the Support Services Department. This department handled the maintenance of records, communications with the public, such as, in the form of providing records and information. If you are looking for a background check report, then you would need to visit the Support Services Department to apply for it.

How Can I Contact the Fort Lauderdale Police Department?

Fort Lauderdale Police Departments can be reached either by visiting, through the phone, via mail, or by getting in touch with them through their social media accounts. If you are facing an emergency situation, then you have to call 911. If you are calling about a non-emergency situation, then you call either call the Fort Lauderdale headquarters at 954-828-5700, or 954-764-4357 for general inquiries.

If you want to call the Internal Affairs division either to report information or inquire about a situation, you can call 954-828-6956.
Fort Lauderdale Police Department

In order to get in touch with the Operations Bureau, you can call 954-828-5588. A reason behind why you would want to call this department is to report an incident that is happening regularly and can harm either people or property. An example of this situation is people regularly speeding in a certain road, where such speeding could hurt someone.

You can alternatively send an email to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department at In certain situations, you may also have to either send a mail or visit the department. The address of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department is:

1300 Broward Boulevard

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department can also be reached through their Facebook account, which you can also follow to stay up to date with the department.


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