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These are the Best Free Slot Games to Play!

by Andy A.

Free Slots Games, Free Casino Slot Games

16 best free slot games you will love!

There is a good reason for why slot games are some of the most popular gambling games, both online and offline; to play slots, you don’t need to think ahead, you don't need to plan a special strategy, and you don't have to spend a fortune to win some money. All you need is some free time and a little bit of luck. The popularity of slot games sipped into the virtual world, and now there are thousands of online slot games you can enjoy.

However, not all slot games can give you what you want. There are websites that are not the greatest when it comes to gambling games, so you might not get the experience you want. On the other hand, there are some websites that have earned the title of best free slot games that you should definitely try out. You can play these games for virtual money or real money, but be careful not to spend more than you can afford, there is no guarantee you will win you money back, or win at all, for that matter.

Free Slots Games

 Best Free Slot Games for Android

1. 616 Digital Slots

616 Digital is a great game studio that offers over a dozen of slot games for you to choose from. One of the best things about 616 Digital is that you can choose any slot game you want from a variety of freemium slot games offered by the studio. There are also non-freemium games that you can download, but they are no longer updated by 616 Digital. You can choose the games you want from the studio, and based on public opinion, the free slots games on 616 Digital provide a great gaming experience you can enjoy when you want to pass time.

best slots for Android - 616 Digital Slots

2. Casino Joy Vegas Casino Slots

Another great free Android slots games studio is Casino Joy Vegas Casino Slots. The app offers a great variety of slot games you can download to your Android devices. Aside from the variety of games in the app, you will also get a lot of in-game currency you can play with when you gamble the slots. The quality of games on Casino Joy Vegas Casino Slots is more than satisfying, so you will enjoy a great user experience when you play the slots. Also, the Casino Joy Vegas Casino Slots features a lot of potential playouts, multiple machines for you to play on, and some slots games include up to 40 lines!

best slots for Android  - Casino Joy Vegas Casino Slots

3. 777 Slots

777 is one of the most popular and widely downloaded slot games; there are no special features to speak of with 777 Slots when compared to other free slots games, but you will enjoy the games on 777 Slots for hours. When you download the games available on the app, you will get multiple slots to choose from, daily bonuses, mini-games, and tournaments with multiple players. The 777 Slots are on the list for the best slots games because they offer a quality gaming experience that is better than a lot of other slots apps and games, so you will have plenty of fun playing without any problems.

best slots for Android - 777 Slots


4. Slots Pharaoh's Way

This is another popular free slots game app that people are downloading in masses. In fact, the developer of the app has stated that over a trillion games were played in the app, which proves people like what they see. If you like variety, you will get plenty of it with Pharaoh's Way; the app offers three-slot games and five-slot games you can choose from. While the games on Pharoe's Way are great time-passers, you should know that the app does not offer a cloud service, so your progress will not be kept when you switch phones.

free slots for Android

5. HUUUGE Global

Another slot game studio you should know is HUUUGE Global that boasts a variety of casino games. The studio offers freemium games you can play, most of which require coins for playing. But don’t worry, you will get plenty of new coins when you play the slots on HUUUGE Global. The studio offers several game mechanics you can choose from, so you can choose the ones you like best. The games on HUUUGE Global are not perfect, but they will satisfy most slot game-lovers who want to play online to pass time.

free slots for Andoid -  HUUUGE Global

6. Hana Games

The Hana Games developer offers several slot games you can choose from, most of which are pretty basic. Each game has its theme, like Egyptian, Greek gods, under the sea, and others. The mechanics of the games are also simple and basic, so you are not likely to have problems when you play. When you play Hana Games slots, you need to be pretty lucky because the coins run out fast. You will get bonuses, but they do not last for very long. So, the games are more suitable for those who want to check out what it's like to play online slot games and not necessarily spend months on this app.

free slots for Android -  Hana Games

7. Super Lucky Casino

This studio has several casino-style games you can play, including slots. With more than half a dozen slots games, you can check out which Super Lucky Casino games you like the most. Each slot machine has its own theme and over a dozen machined you can choose from, each giving out daily prizes. If you want to play with other people, you can choose leaderboards and tournament modes. You might not win as much money as the name of the studio suggests, but you will have a great time playing all the games offered by Super Lucky Casino.

free slots for Android - Super Lucky Casino

8. Zynga

With hundreds of games for you to choose from, Zynga is a leading slots game operator you should check out. The colorful and unique themes on Zynga turn each slot game into a fun experience, but all of them have pretty much the same mechanism. The types of prizes change from game to the other, and the overall experience of the Zynga games is positive according to user reviews.

free slots for Android -  Zynga

 9. Big Fish Games

The Big Fish Games is a Google Play developer that you can enjoy with plenty of casino games. Most of the games are no different than the traditional slot games, but they are a lot of fun according to people who have played the Big Fish Games. Aside from slots, you can play Blackjack, Texas Hold'em, Roulette, and plenty of other fun games. If you choose the freemium games, you will be asked for tokens quite often, so be prepared for this option.

free slots for Android - Big Fish Games

Best Free Slot Games for iPad

1. Tomb Raider Slot

The first and most of the favorite slot games for iOS is the Tomb Raider slot. In the game, you will help the famous Lara Croft find treasures in a less than ordinary video slot game. The video is well designed, and even those who are not big fans of the Tomb Raider franchise, you will enjoy the slot game version of Lara Croft.

free slots for iPad - Tomb Raider Slot

2. Avalon slot

If you like adventure gaming, you will love the Avalon slot game. Avalon takes place in the time of King Arthur, and the mission is to find the Lady of the Lake. Instead of the regular coins and sword, you would expect to get in the game, you will get 12 spins and extra spins in the game in case you need them. Users of the game enjoy the treasure hunt, so if you like adventures, you will love Avalon slot.

free slots for iPad - Avalon slot

3. Mega Moolah Slot

Mega Moolah slot includes not just one jackpot, but four progressive jackpots for you to win. As of now, the jackpot in the Mega Moolah slot reached 13 million, and who knows, maybe you can be the big winner? One of the best things about the Mega Moolah slot is that you don't have to put up a minimum or maximum sum of money to win the big jackpot. This game of luck gives players an equal chance of winning, so like with real-live slots machines, winning are up to chance and not a strategy. 

free slots for iPad - Mega Moolah Slot

 4. Mr. Vegas slot

If you want to get the full virtual Vegas experience, you should try out Mr. Vegas. The animated slot game features slot machines, waiters, and even beautiful girls that will cheer you from the sidelines. The 3D slot brings Vegas to the small screen, and you will get into the game whenever you play. When you walk into the animates world, you will enjoy a luxurious environment with all the famous Vegas glitz and glamour. If you want to take a break from the slots, you can play craps games and roulette machines also available on Mr. Vegas slot.

free slots for iPad - Mr. Vegas slot

5. Twin Spin Slot

Twin Spin is a viewing delight for all those who like traditional slots with a modern twist. The game features traditional graphics with bells, cherries, bars, etc., that combine with a five-slot video layout. The design and the game may seem dull at first, but once you get into it, you will love it. The bonus feature on Twin Spin slot includes a lot of little surprises that will come along with your spins, so you are guaranteed a fun game.

free slots for iPad - Twin Spin Slot

6. Gonzo’s Quest Slot

If you want your slots to come with some well-crafted graphics, Gonzo’s Quest slot is the game for you. The people behind NetEnt came up with a great slot game that will take you on a journey of ancient Peruvian ruins where you will spin 3D slots to win the game. Along the way, you will encounter natural challenges, like free falls, and if you bounce back, you will be able to win some big prizes. The most appealing thing about Gonzo’s Quest slot is the amazing design that takes you into the game and makes you a part of it while you spin wheels and get coins.

free slots for iPad -  Gonzo’s Quest Slot

7. Starburst Slot

Another slot game by NetEnt is Starburst slot that is based on the beloved and popular Starburst game. The game features symbols that run from right-to-left and left-to-right that each gives you a chance at a win. The Starburst symbol is the most wanted symbol in the game and combined with the rest of the symbols, the game gives you the chance to win big prizes. The Starburst symbol appears on reels numbered 2,3, and 4, and once you get winning hits, the symbol will stay in place for a re-spin. The more Starbursts you have, the bigger your chances of winning big money, so it's a game of skill and luck you can enjoy for hours at a time.  

free slots for iPad - Starburst Slot

Online casinos keep evolving with each passing years, and there are currently thousands of Casino websites and apps you can enjoy. If you prefer a game of luck, slot games are the way to go, but you have to choose them carefully. The apps we listed here are some of the best free slots games you can find, with dozens more popping up every day. The best way to find out which is the best slot game for you is to try it out, but be careful not to play with real money if you don't want to. If you want to win real cash, there are some great apps you can download and play in your spare time. The rest is up for lady luck.


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