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Free Google People Search: The Best People Search Explained!

by Garry S.

Reverse Phone Lookup, Google People Search Free

Free Ways to Find People with Google

In today's internet era, everything is available online. Not only can you order a meal without needing to call anyone or step out of the house, but you can also locate people who you have long lost touch with. Gone are the days when you would have to wait for weeks or even years for a letter from a loved one. Now social media and numerous online portals keep people connected no matter how much time has passed or on what ends of the planet they are located.

There are numerous ways to search for people online these days. Many use social media sites and people search engines which free and paid. However, one of the simplest free ways to search for an individual is by using Google. There are a number of awesome ways in which Google can help you gain details about a person. Here are some of the best methods you can use to track a person on this search engine:

Reverse Phone Lookup

Always use “quotation marks”

Perhaps one of the most fool-proof ways to find a person using google search is by using quotation marks as an additional detail in the search. If you are looking for someone, you are bound to know something about them other than their name. For instance, you may have come across someone at an event dressed as a certain fictional character. You can type the person's name and add the fictional character "in quotations" (like ABC "Poison Ivy" "Comic-Con"). Do understand that the search may not always be successful due to how common the terms are. In which case, try to utilize some very specific, unique terms associated with the person.

Filter the results

Google is filled with a mind-boggling incredible database cataloging way too many websites to keep count of. When searching for someone, it can become incredibly difficult to find what is authentic and what is just some information related to a person with the same name. In this case, it is best to filter your results. The option is available just below the search bar and allows you to filter according to the location, time and the type of results. The location can be adjusted country-wise. The time can be adjusted for the past 24 hours, week, month or year. The type can be adjusted to search verbatim or according to the relevance of your past searches.

Phone numbers

If you wish to search for a person or organization's phone number, you can access the same by typing the name of the person or business on Google. A number of people and groups have their numbers accessible to public records, hence available to anyone through a simple search on Google. There are also ways in which a person's mobile number can be utilized to track an individual's details. This is known as a "reverse phone number lookup." Google has changed its policies regarding reverse lookups, disallowing people from accessing private details using a number. However, there are still various means by which the general locations of individuals can be traced using phone numbers.

Reverse Lookup

Use Google image search

People, items and locations can be found by using Google image search. Often, people upload the same images to various public forums which are then circulated and reuploaded, often in a different quality, cropped or filtered. Google image search allows you to upload a certain image and find numerous images of the same kind that have been uploaded publicly on various websites. You can then follow those websites and filter through results to find out details about a person, place or anything contained within the image.


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