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Where to Watch Free Movies and Videos Online

by Kelly B.

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Where to Watch Free Movies and Videos Online

Watching movies online is extremely convenient. You don’t have to venture out of your home all the way to a movie theater. All you need is a trustworthy internet connection and a device that can connect to the internet and you’re set.

There are many online websites where you stream movies for free legally. The only catch is you will not be able to access movies that are currently running in the theaters. Everything else is made available from big banner blockbusters to indie gems, animated flicks to all-time classics. A database of films is usually provided by the movie site. You can also browse by genre or search for any particular movie if you like.

Here are some top sites for watching free movies and videos online –

  • YouTube – There can be no discussion on free video services without mentioning YouTube. You can not only view short video clips and movie trailers on YouTube but watch full-length movies too. The Movies section lists new and popular movies. You are free to browse genres and pick any movie to watch for free, right from the comfort of your home. Viewers can leave comments and rate these movies.
  • Yidio – Yidio is another popular free online movie service. You can sort the movies by genre or filter it through ratings such as PG-13, R and G. Not all movies are hosted on Yidio itself, and you may be redirected to other sites. Movies listed on Yidio come with their Rotten Tomatoes rating for the benefit of users. All movies are DVD quality.
  • Gostream – Gostream’s homepage is a lot like Google’s. It has a search bar right in the center of the page. Type in the movie name or TV series name that you’d like to watch and press Enter. Gostream enables you to choose a movie by its country of production. The movie listings provide a weblink to its official trailer, provide its IMDB rating, a short description, release year and cast. Most of the movies provided here are in HD format. It hosts multiple servers so you can choose another if one is overloaded. You do not need to register to the website to watch these movies.
  • Crackle – Sony’s video service, Crackle, features TV shows and movies under the banner of Sony Pictures Entertainment. You will find box-office bigwigs as well as lesser known obscure films on its database. However, the movies made available here are frequently recycled so you can only find a particular title for a time duration, after which it is replaced by another title. Also, the movies are frequently interrupted by advertisements which can test your patience.
Free Movies
  • Popcornflix – Popcornflix has a nice collection of movies across multiple genres. Its offshoots – Frightprix is dedicated to horror movies while Popcornflix Kids hosts movies that are child-friendly. Only available in USA and Canada currently, it plans to expand to other parts of the world soon. It provides a free app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone or Kindle devise. Another pro to this service is that it is completely free of annoying pop-ups and advertisement redirections.


So, call your friends over, order a couple of pizzas and host your very own movie night. Not only will it save you a considerable amount of money, but you will also have the freedom to pause and play the movie as you wish. What could be better? Draw up that list of movies you’d been planning to watch all Summer and hit these websites to get down to business.


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