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Garage Sales Near Me: Learn How to Find Them!

by Peggy B.

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Best Ways to Find Garage Sales around You

We all know that garage sales are the coolest way to get steal deals for yourself and your house. Multiple garage sales happen during the year, and you must ideally do your homework ahead of time. Online garage sale sites allow you to get the deals quickly before others find them. Instead of driving around from one place to another, you could look at garage sales online.

Let us look at a few sites that can help you scout through the best garage sales deals online.

  • Garage Sales Tracker

This is one of the best ways to scout for online garage sales. This website allows anyone and everyone to post their garage sales online and visitors can find where the deals are available and when. The search option allows you to customize searches for garage sales specific to your desires and requirements. You can track via items, via zip code, location, etc. They also have an email subscription option using which you can get regular email notifications about upcoming garage sales.

Garage Sales Near Me

  • Yard Sale Treasure Map

This is a free app that is available for both iOS and Android users. It lets you look at a Google Map showing all the garage sales that have been posted on Craigslist. This is helpful as you can get the exact location and dates of all the upcoming garage sales. It can help you snap up deals quickly. It shows you markers on the map that give you the location of each sale, and when you click the marker, it takes you to the Craigslist posting.

You can navigate using any of your navigation apps. The app has a paid version which offers advanced features. You can mark the viewed garage sales with a check mark, so you do not waste time seeing the same thing again and again. It helps you save time as you could plan your day well in advance. For example:- you can visit all the sales offering infant clothes operating between 4 pm to 6 pm, in a particular area and even plan your grocery shopping around it.

Garage Sales

  • GSalr

GSalr is another garage sale finder website. It is similar to other such websites. The garage sales are displayed in a different manner though. It lets you easily browse through what is available. You have an option to view a map showcasing all the garage sales available.

When you click on any one, a small pop-up appears with the address, time, date and other details of the sale. It also shows you an image for the same. If you open it up, there is a full gallery of images that showcase the offerings of that particular sale. You can choose to view the listings in a map view or a photos view.

  • Craigslist

The moment you say garage sales, one of the very first things to come to mind is – Craigslist. Any list of websites to use to find garage sales cannot be complete without the inclusion of Craigslist. While it is a part of the Yard Sale Treasure Map app, if you are using a simple computer, you can directly access Craigslist to get the best garage sale deals online.

You need first to choose the location to look for sales and then go to the for sale section to find the available garage sales there. You can search using multiple parameters – zip code, a certain distance from any zip code, items that you are looking for, look for only those posts that have an image, etc.


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