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Garland Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Chris A.

Garland Police Departments, City of Garland Police Department

Garland Police Departments Information

Located on the east bank of the Malad River, the city of Garland sits snug amid mountains and valleys. Housed at the bottom of the prehistoric Lake Bonneville, Garland is blessed with ample agriculture. The town is protected by the most dedicated and just law enforcement officers of the Garland City Police Department. The Garland police department is unique in its call to action to uphold the law: it challenges the community to collectively make the city a safer and a better place to live. Garland police are committed to protecting and ensuring the safety of its people and their property. They are problem solvers and find the most amicable solution within the best of their abilities.

Mission Statement of the Garland Police

The central mission of the Garland Police is dedicated to improving the lives of the residents of the city. Such an ambitious goal is readily achieved when the law enforcing officers and the resident to join hands and work towards the common goal. A partnership between the citizens and the police department will ensure that peace is maintained and every citizen is safe reducing the fear of crime.

In order to successfully achieve the mission statement, the Garland Police department relies on the committed team of administrators, every law enforcement officer and the citizens. Garland police still remain the most trusted source of help for every citizen.

Garland Police Departments
The Three Pillars of the Garland Police Department mission statement

  • Integrity: All members of the Garland police department are firm believers of the principles embodied in the constitution. Truth and honesty set the tone of every interaction; the police department has with the community. The members of the Garland police department never fail to recognize state, federal, and local laws.
  • Respect: The conviction of the Garland police that its members are its biggest asset is the show of respect that drives the department. All members of the Garland police department are bound to respect and recognize citizen ethnicity.
  • Excellence: Professional, and personal excellence, delivery of quality service, and dedication to duty form the core of Garland police department.

When to contact Garland Police Department

Offenses and crimes punishable under the Garland city law

  • Offenses such as disturbing the peace of the residents by creating loud noises between 10 P.M and 7 A.M attract a penalty as provided in the Utah Criminal code.
  • It is unlawful to discharge any firearm with the city limits.
  • Bursting fireworks without obtaining prior permission is a punishable offense. A fireworks dealer must have a valid permit from the City Council.
  • Street walks and sidewalk obstruction by an auctioneer or a merchant
  • Manufacture, dispense, use, possess, ingest, purchase, or attempt to, give, trade, or publicly display synthetic cannabinoids.
  • Smoking in public
  • Breaking and entering
  • Theft

City of Garland Police Department
Online Alarm Registration

Alarm permitting and billing will now be managed by a third-party partner-hosted on a website called CryWolf. All services related to alarms including renewals, alarm registration, and payments will have to be done either online or through the mail. However, the Garland Police Alarm Unit will continue to assist the residents in need. This assistance will be provided as needed: over the phone, in person or via email. Those who are looking to register new alarm systems should log into Alarm Permits- CryWolf

Contacting the Garland Police Department

  • The physical location of Garland Police Department is 1891 Forest Lane
  • Garland, TX 75042.
  • The officers can be reached at 972-485-4840.
  • The contact details for the Police Service Desk: 972-205-2018

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