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Gemini Zodiac Sign - What Does it Mean?

by Jessica V.

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Zodiac signs-Gemini - What Does Your Sign Mean

If you've known a Gemini closely, you've had firsthand experiences of times when you felt you were seeing double. Before you question the sight in front, understand that Gemini is a sign of duality carrying two distinctive sides of a personality. In most cases, you're stuck in the ‘now you see it, now you don't' scenario. Gemini's are a fascination to observe, especially when it comes to their mercurial fleeting tantrums. You can never second guess a Gemini's next move. He is in one job today and satisfied with where he is; tomorrow there might be an abrupt change in direction. A job is just an example of his love for change. Geminis change love, residences, and clothes with the same consideration of a job: being very little but a mere whim. Ironically, a Gemini has the least tolerance for a person who is undecided. A Gemini may not have his future figured out but knows his current stand.

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Element, Symbol, Planet, and Quality

Associated with the element Air, a Gemini is typical of never staying put. The Twins get fazed easily and move on to things which are interesting even before boredom starts creeping in. Air signs are also great thinkers and believe that the key to anything is through intelligence.

The symbol associated with Gemini is that of twins. Typical to their dual nature, Gemini is best represented by twins. Not only do they oscillate between extreme personality traits, they readily see through both sides of an issue. But, the ambiguity which exists here is that most of the time when tough situations present itself, you’re not sure whether the rational twin shows up. If the other person is surprised by a Gemini’s reaction, in all likeliness, the Gemini is surprised as well. The cluelessness of a Gemini reflects as being fickle.

You’ve got to be powered by adequate energy if you’re changing decisions like fashion trends. Gemini's are ruled by Mercury and the energy radiated is evident as a quick wit, agile movement, and quick thinking. They are the perfect blend of being curious and clever.

If a Gemini is adaptable, he could easily turn rigid. Mostly, Gemini's, on their best days, are easy-going folks who have no complaints of going with the flow.

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Gemini Man

To put it out there bluntly, there is nothing warm and secure about being in love with a Gemini man. He is unpredictable and often shocks you with the things he does. He will come to you when he feels the time is right. He is restless, unpredictable, exciting and emotionally tiring. There may be days when he calls in with flowers and goes out of his way to prove his love followed by days when he calls to cancel dates. Loving a Gemini man is fun, if you don’t get too close. Gemini's are known to hide their true intentions and try to confuse you. If you want to stay with a Gemini man, change with him and keep up with his pace. For him, companionship is more mental than physical. 

Gemini woman

A Gemini woman is no less than a man when it comes to changing her mind. Only the strong-willed can keep up with the mercurial energy of a Gemini woman. At the same time, Gemini women are not as heartless as they seem. She is an adventure and will definitely leave you breathless in the end. All she wants is to be ‘truly in love,' but unfortunately, true love evades her and she is on the constant lookout. Love her right and she will match your every stride.


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